Thank-you and Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I know I haven't been around much of late but I have been spending my days getting to know our little miss Allegra... and I am loving every minute of it! She really is such a beautiful, funny, charismatic little angel... and she definitely had me at hello (or should I say waaaaa) :P

I will most probably be a little scarce still over the next couple of weeks. Mr B is taking some much deserved annual leave so that the three of us can enjoy our first Christmas together as well as some time with family and friends... I simply cannot wait. It will no doubt be the most magical Christmas ever!

So my dear bloggy friends, I would like to take the opportunity now to thank-you for all of your support and encouragement throughout 2010. It still blows my mind that anyone would actually find my blog all that interesting and it really does bring sunshine to each day receiving all the gorgeous emails from you, my readers. It is a special thing indeed to form friendships with people I have never met from various corners of the world... and this blog has allowed me to do just that!

Sending you much love, wishing you and your loved ones the merriest of Christmas' and here's to a brilliant 2011! The Bouw Family x

Tipsy Toes!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Despite having indulged in only one measly glass of champagne in the last 8+ months (this one glass was enjoyed last Friday night, two weeks after giving birth!) I am usually fond of a glass, and occasionally, a bottle or two! And although it's been a while, I am still oh so familiar with the equation alcohol + stilettos = a drunk, stumbling, shoeless, not-so-classy lady, with sore, blistering (and dirty) feet! We've all been there right?! :P

SO given tis the season to be tipsy, um I mean jolly, I had to share this genius creation with you...'Tipsy Toes' (loving the name) offer four fashionable styles of light weight, flexible-sole shoes that are made to fold up so that they are compact enough to fit into your bag! How nifty is that?! Wouldn't these make a perfect gift (and totally affordable at $19.95 per pair) for those ladies in your life who might have a tendency to equal the above equation or those of you who cannot begin to fathom dancing your nights away in 5inch heels! Or perhaps for any of you brides to be?!

Check them out!

My personal favorite, snow leopard.

Bright spark silver.

Black Noir


Sheer brilliance right! But are you thinking what I'm thinking... why didn't WE all think of this sooner?! :)

Visit the Tipsy Toes website for more info!

Have a beautiful weekend! x

Allegra's Nursery!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hello! Ok, so for the last few weeks I have been promising and promising to share some of baby Allegra's nursery details with you all. Most of you have probably already had a good sticky beak if you saw my little feature in the current issue of Adore Magazine. But for those of you who waited oh-so-patiently for months (while Allegra's gender remained a surprise) to hear about all of my purchases for the nursery, this post is for you :)

This stunning patchwork minky from
Sew fun by Monique is what set the colour
inspiration for the entire nursery!

Moroccan Pouffes from the
lovely Louise @ Table Tonic,
'Hampen rug' from Ikea.

'Love print' in candy bubble gum by
Made by Girl, 'You are my sunshine'
screen print from Jess Gonacha and
'Spring Songbirds' print in lavender

Allegra's beautiful handmade
'Nesting Sparrow Love Dream Catcher'
from Nooshka.

And this absolutely darling handmade
'Velveeteen Kitty' also from Nooshka...
I adore both of these items!

The nest even came complete with healing crystals!

A full view...

Paper lanterns from Ikea!

Cushion covers, front to back...
Lavender 'Bird on cherry blossom' from Joom,
'Loopy Vintage' in fuschia custom made by
Sew fun by Monique to match the patchwork minky
and 'Pearl Bracelet' in orange by Vida Style.

Another shot of the patchwork minky!

Cushion covers, front to back...
'Twin adorable owls' by KainKain
Again, the 'Loopy Vintage' in fuschia and
'Amy Butler Sandlewood 'in lavender
by Asmus Home Interiors.

Creating Allegra's open closet was as simple as
purchasing these Lack Shelves from Ikea
and the railing from a local hardware store.

Baby pink and white 'Zebra Print'
cushion from Mi Casa Bella.

Close up of shelves.

Goodies from Nanny G!

Sundress from a little shop in Bali
and Plum Baby 'Flamingo' sunsuit

There you have it my friends, I think I have covered most of the details! If I have forgotten something or if you have any other questions you would like answered just shout :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing little Miss Allegra's nursery in a little more detail. We have Allegra and her cot sleeping in our master bedroom for the time being but I'm hoping once we move her in she will love the room I have created for her!

Happy hump day! x

Go on, Elf Yourself!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the weekend my sister emailed me a gorgeous little Christmas video she created on Elf Yourself featuring herself, my mum, Mr B, Allegra and me. Ok, I admit it is a little cheesy but I still got a big kick out of watching it... especially seeing my baby girls chubby face dancing on an elf's body :)

These videos are a great replacement for your typical Christmas greeting cards. This e-card type feature is super easy to use and it only takes a few seconds to upload your photos... I have created a new video featuring only myself, Mr B and baby Allegra for your viewing. CLICK HERE to see us dance our little Christmas butts off :)

Your kiddies will find this an absolute hoot (and maybe you big kids will too) so get in the spirit and visit Elf Yourself to create your very own! Enjoy! x

The past two weeks...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello my friends! Firstly, might I say an enormous thank-you to all of you who sent your kind words and gorgeous wishes regarding both the birth of our precious baby girl and my feature interview in the latest issue of Adore Magazine... it really means so much and has only added to the magic of the last two weeks!

I know, I have been super slack with my blog posts lately BUT I have THE BEST excuse in the world... how can anyone NOT want to give their undivided attention to something so sweet, innocent (for now anyway), and beautiful... these pictures of our darling Allegra Isobel Bouw say it all...

Allegra @ 12 days old...

Would you look at those lips! Allegra @ 13 days old.

I know I am yet to share the story of her birth as well as the details of her nursery but I do promise I WILL do this next week! But for now I thought I would share a few snaps from the last couple of weeks... it has been filled with many 'first times' for us as a family!

Mr B and I leaving the hospital with our beautiful baby girl!

Mumma & Dadda Bouw on our first
lunch date with little miss Allegra!

Taking Allegra to see the Christmas displays...
the fact that she slept through the whole thing
didn't dampen our spirits in the slightest :)


Cuddle time!

AND today marks another special occasion... 5 years ago today Mr B and I 'officially' began dating :) I wish I could say we will be celebrating a romantic evening just the two of us but instead we will be spending it with 700 others at his work's annual Chrissy do! It is a masquerade theme and I have had literally had no time to shop for a new frock so will have to wear something I already own... however I unexpectedly managed to pick up a new mask on my way to making a very quick and unexciting trip to the chemist!

I am thinking of teaming up the mask with this dress, these shoes and accessories I already own... what do you think?!

I'll let you know what I decide on. Have a beautiful weekend and I'll see you back here very soon!

P.S Did I mention this will be the first time I will be rocking a frock since giving birth 14 days ago... eeek!

P.P.S It's not all that bad... the post-pregnancy gods must seriously love me because I have lost almost 9kgs in 2 weeks!!!

PINCH ME NOW... my feature interview in Adore Magazine!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oooh... what an exciting week I have had!!! I was beyond proud to announce that last Friday we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into this world, and now I am also filled with pride and joy that our apartment is not only featured in the summer issue of the super stunning Adore Magazine (along with my very first interview!) but is gracing it's cover for the December/January issue!!! Pinch me now!

And you may recall I mentioned that I would be revealing a few pics of baby Allegra's nursery in true style... well, for those of you who have been dying for a sneak peek, be sure to check out this months issue for a few snippets before I share all the details with you back here on my blog!

To read the full interview CLICK HERE!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Apologies for my absence my friends but I have been kinda busy...

After months and months of me writing about the much anticipated arrival of our precious Baby Bouw, it is with enormous pride and joy that I am beyond thrilled to announce that SHE is finally here!!! Yes, that's right, IT'S A GIRL!!!

Our beautiful little darling, Allegra Isobel Bouw, arrived fashionably late on Friday 26th November at 11:11pm weighing in at 7.7 pounds! Like Mummy, Allegra seems to have a thing for numbers (note the 11:11 & 7.7)... I will explain more about this soon!

We are hoping to check out of the hospital tomorrow afternoon and I can't wait to share all the details with you once we are settled at home. BUT for the time being I couldn't help but to show off some pics of our gorgeous girl and the most amazing day of our lives to date!

Introducing Allegra Isobel Bouw!

Our very first cuddle!

Love at first sight... for the both of us!

Daddy in absolute awe of his little girl.

There's nothing like Mumma's milk!

So sweet!

Daddy and daughter!

Still in shock that little miss has
such a head of brown hair! :)

And again... just so divine.

As I said, I will no doubt be back soon with LOTS more photos and to share with you the story of the most magical and intense day of our lives!

Oh and I have kept you in suspense regarding all of the purchases I have made for Allegra over the months including the details of her nursery... I promise some of these details will be revealed in true style VERY SOON... so stay tuned :) x

Over-baking with Mrs Bouw!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I just thought I'd check in to let you know that I now have an over-baked bun in the oven... yes, that's right, still no Baby Bouw! Three days overdue and counting. My most precious recipe yet obviously needs a little more time to be cooked to perfection :) x

We all know BB's sex has remained top secret (even from our family and close friends) so I won't be sharing details of BB's nursery until after bubs has arrived! So in the meantime, I thought I would share a few darling gifts that have made their way to us in the last week or so all the way from Australia! I still have to take pics of some of the other goodies we have received over the months! I must admit, everyone has done a brilliant job of buying 'gender neutral' pressies for Baby Bouw...

This particular parcel arrived a few weeks ago...

One of my besties came up with the idea
to do a spin on my 'Letter's to BB'...

And this gorgeous box was filled with letters
from my close girlfriends for both
Baby Bouw and Mumma Bouw!

I was so touched by the thoughtfulness of this gift
and the letters themselves. What a beautiful keepsake!
Thank-you so much my dearests!

These gorgeous 'Seed' onsies and patchwork tassel blanket
were sent across last week from my little sister. I think
it is driving her a little crazy not knowing the gender
as this is the third package she has sent across
making sure she has all bases covered :)

She also sent across some gorgeous Chrissy
ornaments for BB's first Christmas!

This lovely box for bubs' Birth Certificate
was sent from my big bro and his partner.

These adorably fresh, crisp white animals (that also jingle)
are from my Mum! Although given they are so white
they may have to be for 'decoration purpose' only.

And how cute are these hand made dolls (also from Mum)!
She thought she would buy both a little girl dolly
and a little boy dolly, again suitable for both genders!

Meet Sofie the Giraffe! The perfect toy for 0+ bubbies!
Thanks to my gorgeous and thoughtful friend Peta for thinking of us!

What better than to make BB feel like a 'true Aussie'
with this Peter Alexander Vegemite onsie... thanks Miss JJ!

And to finish off, I thought I'd share a pic of
this card that made me giggle :)

Baby Bouw is already ridiculously loved (and just slightly spoilt :P) and has a nursery full of goodies that I can't wait to share with you all!

Anyway, back to the Docs tomorrow to check in on how our little one is doing... hopefully it won't be too much longer until our precious little bundle decides to join us! Stay tuned my friends! x

P.S Thanks to my witty buddy Jules for the title 'Over-baking with Mrs Bouw'... love it!


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