DIY vases!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I came across this simple yet fabulous DIY project to make your very own coloured vases thanks to Louise's blog, Table Tonic . I love the idea of recycling old jars by painting their interior and turning them into vases... aren't they pretty!

I did a similar thing with empty food cans a few months back for my best friend Em's hens/kitchen tea. My darling Em is an enormous lover of flowers (and is actually in the middle of completing a floristry course) so the pressure was on for me to create something glorious for her day! I purchased a variety of paper with sweet patterns (including divine japanese paper!) which I attached to A4 double sided adhesive paper, cut to size and then simply attached to the empty cans. My favorite part of this little project was purchasing the flowers fresh from the markets and then arranging them... I was in my element indeed! What do you think of my finished product? You should give it a go... it's SO effective, environmentally friendly, cheap and SO much fun :)

Home from the markets

Off-cuts of the paper I used.

My covered cans.

Flowers arranged.

Taa daa!

Beautiful blooms!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Whilst visiting Melbourne I have been staying with my Mum who just so happens to have a beautiful garden AND my absolute favorite flower in full bloom... who doesn't love the sunny, cheerful pick-me-up of yellow roses! So today when I was missing my husband (of just 20 days!) who had to fly back o/s a week after our wedding, I stepped outside and picked myself a glorious bunch of yellow goodness! Don't you just love how a bunch of beautiful blooms can brighten your day!

So here goes... my very first blog post!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hi there! Ok, so after months of admiring and mildly obsessing over certain blogs, I have decided to finally give it a go myself. Ooooh, I dont really know where to start so I suppose I should start by introducing myself... my name is Sonja Bouw... lovely to meet you! You can read a little more about me in my profile.

I have only been Sonja Bouw for a total of 17 days! I married my love on the 9th of January and although I do not intend this blog to be all about weddings, I am afraid I will be sharing bits and pieces related to our amazing day over the weeks. Oh and I should probably mention that my two best friends in the whole world are both getting married in the next 8 weeks so I am sure they will get a mention, or two... yes I know, slightly wedding crazy at the moment but it's all wonderfully exciting!

So to kick this off I thought I would attach a few pics taken by family and friends of my husband and I (still feels surreal calling him that tee hee)... the professional pics are still a month or so away! Enjoy and thanks for reading :)

Mr & Mrs Bouw!

I love this pic :)

Me, the blushing bride!

Our first dance.

My hair styled by my lil sis and me (my hairdresser cancelled on me 1 week before the wedding)!

My last few minutes as a 'Miss'.


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