So here goes... my very first blog post!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hi there! Ok, so after months of admiring and mildly obsessing over certain blogs, I have decided to finally give it a go myself. Ooooh, I dont really know where to start so I suppose I should start by introducing myself... my name is Sonja Bouw... lovely to meet you! You can read a little more about me in my profile.

I have only been Sonja Bouw for a total of 17 days! I married my love on the 9th of January and although I do not intend this blog to be all about weddings, I am afraid I will be sharing bits and pieces related to our amazing day over the weeks. Oh and I should probably mention that my two best friends in the whole world are both getting married in the next 8 weeks so I am sure they will get a mention, or two... yes I know, slightly wedding crazy at the moment but it's all wonderfully exciting!

So to kick this off I thought I would attach a few pics taken by family and friends of my husband and I (still feels surreal calling him that tee hee)... the professional pics are still a month or so away! Enjoy and thanks for reading :)

Mr & Mrs Bouw!

I love this pic :)

Me, the blushing bride!

Our first dance.

My hair styled by my lil sis and me (my hairdresser cancelled on me 1 week before the wedding)!

My last few minutes as a 'Miss'.


  1. I love your blog. I'm looking forward to seeing your creations for your new apartment.
    Love Helen

  2. wow, your hair looked great! :) love the blog..

  3. You were such a gorgeous bride! What an amazing day you had!

  4. Oh thanks ladies :)

    It was an amazing day/night indeed! x

  5. Voce é linda e tem uma vida muito bonita ,seu blog é Maravilhoso e voce esta muito linda de noiva, seu noivo tem muita sorte,parabens pra voces e felicidades sempre.

  6. i just read your whole blog! I love love! new follower! im prob going to post your apartment next week...bananas!

  7. Your such a gorgeous bride and an awesome blogger-- so glad I came across your site, keep up the fabulous job! XO .. &btw-- your hair looks so great!


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