Animal Instinct?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I know some of you may cringe when you hear the words 'animal print' and I agree, when overused it can be quite repulsive indeed... But I must confess, I do have a little soft spot for zebra prints when used tastefully and tactfully. They can be fun, sexy and stylish all at the once! I am entertaining the thought of introducing a splash here and there as I decorate our apartment. I am thinking I might like a pair of footstools to sit along side each other on one side of the coffee table but am not sure I am brave enough to go with the typical bold black and white zebra stripe. I do fancy the softer turquoise as seen below though...

What do you think? Can I pull it off? Should I follow my animal instinct and live a little on the wild side?


  1. Stumbled over while searching for something else, so glad I did...these are such a great group of images. Really love everything. As to your instincts...I say go for it!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment!

    Just has a sticky beak at your blog... love the name by the way!


  3. Love the zebra Stripes!! we have one of these chair at home... so that's definitely a yes!! vas- y poulette!

    i too have a thing for a bit of zebra!
    Zebra is animal without being gaudy - go for it. Funny i just discovered your post i was just about to do one of my own on zebra - great minds think alike (if i do say so myself!) looks like you have a good blank canvass to work with too - im a bit of a fan of zebra with some pink or turquioise around it!

    oh & p.s your bathtub is divine ~
    sal x

  5. Ah, Sally I agree! Zebra, pink and turquoise is precisely the look I am hoping to achieve with some cool blue/grey tones thrown in for good measure :)

    Oh and please don't stop my post from you doing your own twist on Zebra prints!:)


  6. Have done my post & gave you a mention x
    ok i supose i better go do some real work now ;) well, some work that will make me some $$ anyway!


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