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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Since bidding Dubai farewell at the end of November, life has been crazy wonderful! I celebrated my hens day, my best friends hens day, Christmas with family, a friends wedding on New Years Eve, OUR wedding on the 9th January and my best friends wedding last weekend... and so my blissful 2 month visit to my beloved Melbourne came to an end on Monday. BUT this time, there were no tears as my husband and I jetted off very excited to be arriving at our new home (or should I say new country)! I have spent 4 days madly unpacking our life (again), box, after box, after box... this process made me rather curious as to exactly how many boxes (large ones at that) my life fits into... the magic number is...

I'll be back later to post a few pics of my heavenly kitchen with the most amazing view!!!

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