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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A bar tray conveys good old-fashioned hospitality don't you agree?! Is there anything more alluring then a collection of pretty bottles and glasses (oh and the alcohol of course!) to relax you and your guests?!

I mentioned the idea of creating a bar tray for our new living space to my husband... and, well, that was the first decorative suggestion from myself that he immediately gave the thumbs up to... funny that! The great thing is any tiny table will work and it is a fab way to display your glassware everyday rather than only on special occasions!

Image: Lonny Magazine

Image: Domino, The book of Decorating

Image: Lonny Magazine

Image: West Elm Butler Tray with stand

Image: Lonny Magazine

Although I don't yet have a collection, I adore decanters! Whether they are actually filled or just on display, I think they ooze class. I'm loving the Kate Spade Gin Rummy collection, these genie decanters I stumbled across and well the Monique Lhuillier crystal decanter I have been lusting after for some time now. All of these would look lovely on a bar tray!

Image: Kate Spade Gin Rummy decanter and glasses

Image: Monique Lhuillier Atelier crystal decanter for Royal Doulton

Image: Joe Cariati Decanters

Image: Genie Decanters via Style Hive

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