Tied with a Bouw featured on Made by Girl!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This was my reaction this morning when I saw my kitchen featured on my absolute favourite blog, Made By Girl... I was (and still am) jumping for joy!

Made By Girl was actually the very first blog I fell in love with and is what inspired me to create my own blog... so you can imagine my excitement, right?! To me, Jennifer Ramos, the amazing women behind MBG, is like blog royalty. A talented, motivated and creative young lady who is an inspiration to so many of us in the blogging world. A huge thank-you to Jen for sharing my kitchen on her fabulous blog and for opening my door to new readers :)

To see my kitchen featured on Made By Girl click here


  1. Your kitchen is amazing! I am glad you were on MBG so I could run into your blog!

  2. Yay! I found your blog via that feature and I'm excited to read more from you. Congratulations on your new home and marriage. :)

    It's so nice to meet you!
    I'm Danielle, my blog is over at http://sometimessweet.blogspot.com


  3. Hello Sonja!

    just saw your beautiful kitchen on MBG and came here to check your blog.

    I can say already that I like it very much and want to read further =)

    Congratulations on your new home!!!


  4. You're awesome....and your post made me SMILE...thank you pretty lady! :)

  5. I really loved your kitchen and put it on my blog too!

  6. It's so nice to meet all of you!

    Thanks for reading and for your gorgeous comments :)

    S x


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