Heavenly hens part 1: DIY bags of blooms!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I thought I would start this post by briefly sharing with you a little background info about the amazing few months (or should I say years) my two dearest friends and I have had. Amy, Emma and I met (and fell in love) at work 5-6 years ago and then proceeded to meet our partners, who at the time, also worked within the same company. Oh and yes, we fell in love with them too :) In 2008 the three of us all got engaged within a six month time frame and the last few months have been particularly exciting with my husband and I getting married on the 9th January, followed by Emma and her husband on the 6th February, and finally, Amy and her fiance who will wed this weekend! AND if this all wasn't special enough, we have all been bridesmaids in each others weddings! Joyful times indeed!

My gorgeous girls! L-R: Emma, Amy and I
(photo taken at Amy's hens lunch)

These two gems gave me the most beautiful of hens days and I wanted to do the same for them! You may have already seen the DIY vases I created for Emma’s hens day back in December, and I mentioned last week that I would share the bits and pieces being created for Amy’s. Well, Saturday afternoon was a glorious day indeed and I had lots of fun helping organise… see for yourselves!

It was Details details to the rescue again with these sweet polka dot Eskimo bags (above). This is the same online boutique I purchased the adorable favour bags for our wedding!

Above are the flowers I chose for the table settings! Going to the markets to buy fresh flowers is always a highlight for me when I visit my Melbourne sweet Melbourne!

Home from the markets!

It breaks my heart when flowers go to waste, so I decided to create little 'bags of blooms' for the table settings so that each lovely lady could take one home with her at the end of the day! Another great thing about these bags is that they can be arranged the night before, which means all you have to do on the day is place them on the table! I simply lined each eskimo bag with x2 clear plastic party bags incase of thorns (approx. $2.95 for a packet of 50 from Spotlight), put a handful of pretty glass stones in each to weigh the bags down a little ($2.00 per bag from a $2.00 type shop), filled half way with water and then arranged the beautiful flowers...

Glass stones to weigh the bags down...

Arranging the first few bags...

And again...

Taa daa... the end result!

Pretty ladies with their Bags of Blooms!

What do you think? Don't they look so bright and pretty on our table especially against the white linen?! Oh and as you can see, the ladies were thrilled to be able to take their bags of blooms home with them. BUT the most important thing was… the hen had a splendid day :)

I will back tomorrow with more from Amy’s hens! Have a marvelous day! x


  1. those flower bags look so pretty - great idea! have fun at the wedding this weekend :)

  2. Very nice and that's coming from a MAN. LOL


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