Irresistible Ikat?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I know it has been doing the rounds in both the fashion and home decor worlds for the last few seasons, however, the ikat print seems as though it is not going anywhere anytime soon... from rugs to cushions, furniture to bed linen, everywhere I look I am still seeing ikat!

Image: Lonny Magazine

Image: Madeline Weinrib

Image: Be Still

Image: Fabricadabra

If I am to be honest, I was not a huge fan when it first emerged as a hot trend, but over time and after seeing it used in so many different settings I now have one foot on the ikat bandwagon. I don’t think I would ever use an abundance of it in the one room but I do adore some of the ikat cushions available at stores such as Table Tonic, Fabricadabra & etsy store Be Still. I have a cushion crush on the sweet pink spot hand woven silk beauties (featured below). I think these would really pop on our new custom made white lounge suite being delivered in two weeks time... exciting!

What do you think... should I succumb to what seems to be the irresistible charm of the ikat print?


  1. I agree...dont mind it in small doses..the cushions are gorgeous..and beautiful colours x

  2. I love the ones Jen bought, and the ones from table tonic too, I'll check it out! Thanks!

  3. ikat is not my favorite either.

    I like the cushions/pillows best.


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