Oh happy day!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I would like to think I am happy most days (and I wish that for you also), but you know how sometimes you just have a super, extra special, wonderfully happy day?! Well, yesterday I had one of those days! And the funny thing is I didn’t really get up to anything out of the ordinary.

I started my day with another blog post close to the heart, then had a lovely long brunch with my childhood best friend (who is 6 1/2 months pregnant) and her gorgeous little boy, did a spot of shopping which resulted in some delightful bargain buys, I was feeling lucky so bought a scratchie and won $10.00, went for a run, cooked a yummy dinner, continued working on my speech for the wedding this weekend and to top it all off I had a 3 hour visit from one of my closest high school friends which was long over due! Oh and clean sheets when I hopped into bed! Ah, the simple things.

Anyway, I thought I would share a few of yesterday’s great little buys :)

Ceramic owl $9.95... isn't it adorable!

Pretty glass trinket box $17.95

Ceramic tea bag rest $3.95... I SO needed one of these!

My winning scratchie ticket.. tee hee hee :)

I still haven't found the prefect zebra print rug but I

couldn't resist buying this gorgeous little aqua jumpsuit

for my friend who is expecting a baby girl...

And every girl (no matter how young) needs

a pair of metallic ballet flats right?! :)

I suspect I am going to be feeling this great for the remainder of my stay in Melbourne as I have a very special few days ahead! Has there been anything this week that has made you super happy? I hope so... and I also hope to see you back here tomorrow for Tickle my fancy Friday! x


  1. Oh, I DO love your little owl! I found a similar one not too long ago here in the states! Cutest ever.

    ~ Jennifer

  2. Hahahaha...do you know how many times I picked that exact same owl up and then put it down..because a little voice inside my head said..you have too many trinkets already Anna!
    gorgeous little purchases...especially the ballet flats...awwwww makes me all clucky for a girl ;) Glad your enjoying your time catching up with friends. XO

  3. Jennifer: I have a thing for owls, not sure what it is but they are cute indeed! x

    Oh thanks Anna! Hahahaha... WELL that's even funnier now because do you know how many times I picked up this owl and then it back down again... I have those voices in my head too my dear but sometimes I lose :P BUT I am rapt I decided to bring my little owl friend home with me! And as for the clukiness, well that's a whole other blog! I hope you have had a great week catching up on your study! x

  4. Hahaha..too funny...well you know...if I were shopping in Dubai...you know...that little owl would definitely have been making a trip back home with me..its a nice momento for you.
    lol..as for the cluckiness....well...when you decide to create a cute little tiny Bouw...he or she is going to be one stylish little cherub :) x

  5. Oh you're too gorgeous Anna! Have a great w/e my lovely x


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