Operation apartment: The essentials!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

As much as I LOVE our new apartment here in Kuala Lumpur, I have been becoming increasingly frustrated not being able to find anything here in the furniture and home ware stores. How hard can it be to find a plain-ish rug, a white console and some cushions? Hmph. I suppose that's one downside of living in a country where there isn't the equivalent to Jonathan Adler, West Elm or even good old Freedom. BUT I am determined to stay positive and to continue with Operation Apartment!

So, after a small win yesterday (finding the perfect white linen for one of the guest bedrooms) I decided to sit down and put together a mood/inspiration board of essential items for our living space, including items we currently own and items I know we can purchase here. This made me immediately more hopeful and was also a great way for my hubby to be able to actually visualise the ideas I have running through this head of mine :) Anyway, over the weeks I plan to share bits and pieces from this mood board with you!

Ikea Norrsten Cabinet

As an expat, you acquire a higher appreciation for the worldwide Ikea (pronounced Ick-ea here in Malaysia tee hee hee). I have had my eye on this Ikea Norrsten cabinet for quite some time now but was never really 100% sure... until I recently came across the below image...

Image via Flickr

The above Ikea Norrsten cabinet has been lined with this lavish gold Missoni paper... pretty fancy right?! Not to mention we all know how much I just adore using pretty paper wherever I can!

Royal Albert tea set

Oh and wouldn't it make the prefect home for the x2 Royal Albert tea sets we received as wedding gifts arriving in a few weeks! What do you think, am I on to a winner?! I would love to hear your thoughts before we make the purchase! :) x


  1. I can't imagine..i would lose it . Even here in LV we lack some great furniture shops...

    Jen Ramos

  2. hi Sonja..I'm a huge fan of your blog so today i gave you an award .pop over to my blog and check it out ...have great day XXX

  3. Hi Sonja, I found your blog via Mirela at Melli's Designs. Congratulations on your award. Your move sounds very exciting and I am looking to seeing how you decorate your new house and hearing all about life in Kuala Lumpur. xx

  4. ooh must be hard, but Im sure the result will be amazing!


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