Operation apartment: Making an entrance!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Now that all my travel back and forth to Melbourne is over, I can finally turn my attention to our new apartment here in KL and begin my mission to make it over! It is the perfect blank, white canvas for me to decorate as my heart desires, the only hurdle being finding the right furniture to fill the very large living space! So this week I have turned my attention to the entryway. The apartment is entered through large double doors and I wouldn’t say there is really a foyer area, more so just one very large room consisting of the entry, dining, living and then a hallway to the bedrooms and kitchen. Below is the floor plan of our apartment (minus the furniture of course).

Our apartment floorplan

I have been collecting images of inspiration for a little while now and will begin shopping for the big pieces this weekend ie. consoles, lamps, mirror etc. My thoughts at the moment include a narrow console with footstools and some framed art to the left of the front door and then a large, substantial console with an ornate mirror and lamp/s to run along the wall on the right as you enter. Once I have the main pieces, I will finish off by adding touches such as books, vases, picture frames and glassware.

Above image: Jonathan Adler

Above image: Palmer Weiss

Above image via: Shelterpop

Above image: Julie Richard

Above image: Ish & Chi

Above image: House of Turquoise

Above image: Jonathan Adler

Above image: Desire to Inspire

Above image: Decor pad

Above image: Decor pad

Above image: Apartment Therapy

What do you think? Have you created a similar space in your home? I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and advice if you have any!

Oh and seeing as it rains most days here in KL, I think it is a great excuse and about time I bought myself the owl umbrella stand I have been admiring for too long! :)


  1. Sonja...what a fantastic and fun project to embark on...I look forward to following you on your journey....Your vision of what you want is crystal clear..which is a BIG plus..take your time in finding those "right" pieces for a space..you will be glad you did. Good luck darling...am sending you alot of positive love and light your way :) x

  2. Sonja! OMG your apartment is HUGE!!!
    Very jelous! I did a similar thing in my (small) entry. I bought a mirrored hall table & on it i have a antique world globe, a giant thai budda statue & some brass bowls we bought in nepal - i put some tea lights in these. Above & along the wall we decided to make a gallery of photos from our trips to mexico, nepal & thailand! We used different sized black & white ribba frames from Ikea & it looks great + is something personal that people love looking at when they come in!
    cant wait to see your makeover!
    sal x

  3. The other look i really like is a round table with a big dramatic potted orchid in the middle! Think charlottes sex & the city apartment - it will sperate the space between the entry & dining & im sure there are some great orchids to buy in KL?

  4. Oh thank-you my darlings!

    Anna: As always, you are too sweet! I know what you mean about taking time to find the right pieces... this in itself is a challenge for my impatient side. x

    Sal: It seems we may have similar taste! I have my eye on 2 mirrored side tables at the moment and we have a modern world globe being delivered in the next month that we got as a wedding gift :) Oh, and I am always a fan of the photo wall! x

    Sally: Oh I love your suggestion of the round table with some dramatic blooms... I'm not quite sure I can make this will work with the shape and layout of the room but I will definitely keep it in mind! Thank-you! x


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