Picture perfect paper!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If you had not yet noticed, I have a thing for paper. I could spend hours in a stationery shop browsing between the specialty paper, scrap booking paper, wrapping paper and greeting cards. I love it so much so that if I see a colour or pattern that catches my eye, I often buy it for no real reason other than ‘but I just had to have it because it’s so pretty’! Although as you have seen from my DIY cook book covers and DIY vases, I do my best to find a use for it.

In last Saturday’s post I revealed a snippet of some paper that I had just purchased (above) and mentioned that I had plans for it! There was just something enchanting about the colours, flowers and birds on this paper and at MYR 5.50 for the one sheet (MYR 5.50 = $1.80 AUD) who was going to argue with me! Below is the whole piece...

When I arrived home I really wanted to find a place in our apartment for my charming piece of paper. I had purchased some Ikea Ribba frames a few weeks earlier (they range from $7.99 AUD- $69.00 depending on size) and what do you know, my rainbow on a page fit perfectly! It was just a simple case of removing the backing, adhering the paper in place with some magic tape, replacing the backing and voila! This little DIY project cost me a total of MYR 64.50 (which = $21.00 AUD)!

The colours in the picture go perfectly with the glass splash back, my kimmi dolls and my cookbooks... but unfortunately there are no walls in the kitchen to hang art, so I have decided to hang it at the end of the hallway just as you enter the kitchen. What do you think? Picture perfect paper?

I encourage you to give this a go... it’s inexpensive, fun and rewarding! Not to mention it works well in any room in the house whether it be the lounge room, bedroom or a babies nursery! Do you have any pretty paper that needs a home?


  1. Very pretty ...i have a thing for paper too,so much you can do with it,the frame looks amazing xx

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  3. Thank-you Mirela! And thanks also for your lovely comment on yesterdays post.. it's nice to meet you! x

  4. That looks amazing! You are so inspiring and creative!

  5. your very welcome .its always nice to meet new people that have the same interests . hope to see you down my blog one day ..Xx

  6. Ooh, I have a thing for paper & birds! LOVE your post! OFf to read some of your past posts .....
    Have a sweet day!

  7. I am a stationary fiend.

    This is a great way to put it to use :)

  8. So i've been scrolling through you past posts - ummm could you be a prettier bride? gorgeous! Following you :)


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