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Saturday, March 6, 2010

By now, most of you will know I have a love of paper, so I thought I would pop in to share the sweet Graham & Brown wallpaper sample I just ordered... isn't it darling!

Midsummer pink/silver by Graham & Brown

I have a few ideas for this pretty and playful paper (only if it's as lovely in the paper flesh that is) which I'll fill you in on next week!

But for now, I must love you and leave you... I'm off to doll myself up for a hot dinner date with my husband! :)

Are you up to anything special this evening? Whatever your plans, I hope you enjoy! x


  1. I really love it...would be gorgeous for a bedroom...cant wait to see what you end up doing with it.. Enjoy your hot date ; ) x

  2. I love magenta, balanced and fresh colour! I'll definetly use some paper in different ways in our new home, thank's for the inspiration :)

    Now I'll start to check out the blogs in your blogroll. I have just started to blog in english so I'll try to introduce myself out there in the big world of blogs!

  3. Anna: I popped on over to your blog earlier and sound like you had a lovely w/e! It seems great minds think alike... the bedroom is exactly where I am hoping to use the wallpaper :) x

    Camilla: Thanks for stopping by again. Please do share the paper projects you create for your home.. would love to see them! How interesting that you have only just started to blog in english... goodluck! x

  4. This color is adorable, so pretty and happy! Looking forward to your plans... i'm excited ...
    Have a marvelous week ahead! xo


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