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Friday, March 19, 2010

nn.pl fan·cies
1. The mental faculty through which whims, visions, and fantasies are summoned up; imagination, especially of a whimsical or fantastic nature.
2. An image or a fantastic invention created by the mind.
3. A capricious notion; a whim.
4. A capricious liking or inclination.
5. Critical sensibility; taste.
6. Amorous or romantic attachment; love.

This Friday I fancy:

Bold, sexy, striped wallpaper... and how fancy is the fuchsia!
(above image via: allaboutyou.com)

(above image via: Made by girl)

(image via: Canadian House & Home)

And these powder blue bench stools are so lovely!
(image via: Kelly Green Interiors)

(above image via: decor pad)

(above image via: decor pad)

This quote from good old William... I agree! :)
(above image from one of my cookbooks)

This charming closet to office makeover!
(above image via: Country Living)

I fancy my husband all the more after not having
seen him for the last 10 days...
I picked him up from the airport at 2:00am this morning :)
(above image taken on Christmas morning 2009)

Going shopping with my husband and spending all of these vouchers... joy!

And lastly, I SO fancy being a bridesmaid in
my best friends wedding this Sunday!!!

Not only am I having a fancy Friday but I am having a fancy fancy weekend too! My husband and I are picking up our proof wedding album today (YAY) and the final copies of our wedding DVD are being delivered! After our spot of shopping we are heading to my inlaws for a pizza dinner date... yum! And as of 2:00pm tomorrow afternoon I will be clocking in as bridesmaid, checking into a penthouse suite with my two favourite girls and enjoying some special time before Amy's big day... life is good.

After this very exciting and busy weekend, I will be flying back to KL on Monday night so might not be back to post until Tuesday.

Until then, wishing you a fancy Friday and a wonderful weekend! x


  1. Have a good time Darling. Love Your Outlaws. LOL

  2. very Fancy Friday indeed...i love the pics.
    have a awesome shopping spree with all those vouchers & a fantastic weekend sounds like a your going to have a FANTASTIC time XX

  3. Wow. That's a whole lot of fancy.

    Have a great {busy} weekend. xx

  4. Oh I hear you I LOVE bold stripy wallpaper. I am doing a black and white theme for my new bedroom and stripes on the wall are a definite idea for me at the moment!

    Have fun at Rob and Ames. Wish so much I was in town to see them get married! What a journey for them and for all of you!

    Miss you, Amara

  5. What a lovely blogg you have! I am for sure going to follow you.

    Feel free to come by my blogg if you like.

    All the best

    Franciska :-)


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