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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ok, so I didn't exactly have any luck yesterday finding a lucite coffee table (or any coffee table for that matter) but I did pick up two of these lucite trays! I thought they wouldn't go astray and if I do end up going with an ottoman instead of a coffee table they will come in handy for books, drinks, remote controls etc.

There are some gorgeous trays out there and ideally I would love a few of my own personalised, monogrammed lucite trays from Dabney Lee's range... but unfortunately I don't think she ships outside of the US :( If you are unfamiliar with her stationery and homewares you must check them out! She offers a wide range of preppy products which can be customised to suit your choice of colour, pattern and font... heaven!

But if the Dabney Lee trays are out of my reach I would be MORE than happy to settle for this classic Hermes beauty...

Image via: Lonny Magazine

Trays are such a great and simple way to organise and display your clutter. From books and vases to jewellery and keys, they really can be utilised in so many ways! Buying the trays yesterday reminded me of my hope to incorporate our own little bar tray into our lounge room... you may remember I posted about this back in February!

Image via: Decor pad

Image via: Lonny Magazine

Image via: Lonny Magazine

Anyway, I'm off now to inspect the rails that have just been installed for our curtains and then I am having a few pieces of furniture collected to be reupholstered... finally ticking some boxes... did I mention our new lounges are being delivered tomorrow as well as another very special something! Can you tell I'm excited :)

Where has the week gone?! It's Friday again tomorrow which means I'll be back then to tickle your fancy :) Have a great day! x


  1. Oh I love this eye candy ever! I have an old tray that Im planning to make over...not sure on the look as ottomans..I think they still work quite well as a coffee long as you have a nice tray to go with it ; ) x

  2. I absolutely adore the monogrammed lucite ones
    and the hermes one of course but that's obvious :)


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