Operation Apartment: Confounding coffee tables!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yes, that's right. I am perplexed. How can a simple item, such as a coffee table, be so hard to find?! Maybe it's the fact that I am living in a new country that I am having no luck or am I not alone in my search for this basic piece of furniture? Or maybe I have been under selling the complexities of the coffee table and now all species of coffee tables are angry with me for labelling them as 'simple'? :P Ahh, who knows.

Anyway, we would be happy with a simple, white, low line or a plain glass/lucite table like in the above pics. However, after SO many failed attempts to find anything remotely similar I am now starting to entertain the thought of maybe two small tables instead of one...

Or maybe completely ruling out any type of table and opting for an ottoman instead...

All images via: Decor Pad

Any thoughts my friends? Have you successfully pulled off the ottoman or two tables in stead of one look? Today I continue the search. I hope you too find whatever it is you may be looking for! x


  1. I love the ottoman idea to be honest, I have been seeing it around and it looks so original and well placed
    Good luck darling

  2. I also love ottomans but then there's the issue of where to balance your drink! But looking at your floorplan it looks like you'd have room for an ottoman AND a table! I like the idea of one large luxurious low coffee table myself with stacks of books & magazines (because I have no space and we always want what we can't have!). I myself have a 90cm dia Moroccan tray on timber legs as a coffee table. Looking fwd to seeing what you come up with xx

  3. Hello lovelies!

    So that's 2 thumbs up for the ottoman option... hmmmm, I wonder if it will be any easier finding one that I like :P As for balancing the drinks, well I picked up x2 lucite trays today just because they won't go astray but they would work well on the ottoman... you read my mind Sally, I was thinking about doing a post on this :) xo

  4. i've been looking for the mirror tables for a long time to add dimension to my living room... love them!

  5. i personally like coffee table idea better. I went through the same stage about a couple months ago, and I decided to go w/table instead of ottoman because i like to grab my sandwich and relax on the couch when watching TV. You can have a tray on ottoman to eat or drink stuff but i guess it just is not the same.good luck!


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