Operation Apartment: The master bedroom.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How was your Easter weekend? I wish I could say we had a wonderful one although my husband and I both spent most of ours on the couch with some nasty little bug. This bug was SO nasty that it took away my appetite for all things sweet on the one weekend a year you are given a free pass to eat as much chocolate as you desire... hmph :( This also meant that Mrs Bouw was not up to her baking antics so does not have anything to show and tell this week... apologies to my lil bakers!

Anyway, now for some positives! After a few little wins last week I feel like we are finally starting to get somewhere with our apartment. Yesterday I turned my attention to our master bedroom. I originally thought I wanted to inject some pops of bright colour but now I am thinking I would like something a little more neutral and serene. Think clean, crisp, white sheets with added shades of grey and possibly pale blue. Maybe even a hint of lemon. We already have a bed that we absolutely love, cute little side tables and a large chest of draws that I contemplated getting rid of but decided doesn’t look so bad after all. So once the curtains are up, all of the bulk items are sorted which leaves the smaller details such as cushions, a rug, lamps, frames and knick knacks. Below are a few pics I sourced for inspiration, all via Decor Pad.

I suppose I am just hoping to create a calming and relaxing room that makes me look forward to cosying into bed each night. And for me, well, clean, crisp, white sheets are the perfect start! What about you? Are you a fan of the neutral bedroom? x


  1. Sorry to hear you were unwell cookie..but Im sure you will make up for it with the treating yourself to treats when your all better....chocolate usually fixes everything...so its not good that it didnt help you in this case : (
    Love your choice of colours for the room....very similar to what I am going for now...I think soft pastel colours are great for a bedroom...after all is it a place of r&r.
    Was going to ask you also...tried replying to your comment individually..but you have your settings set up as no reply?
    If you want to know how to do this I can help :) x

  2. Oh thanks honey :) AND yes, I know I will make up for it with treats once I'm back to my usual chocolate eating self!

    I hope you had a lovely easter! x

    Oh and I think I know what you mean by trying to reply individually although I have just had a quick look at my settings and am unsure how to change this... if you could lend your hand my dear that would be super! Thank-you :) x

  3. nice blog & thk for sharing
    nice too meet u ya 6-^
    wish all the best to u

  4. Ok..tried to email the instructions to you..but cant do that either? lol

    So here goes...

    Go to your dashboard - Settings - Comments - Comments notification email ( which you have to scroll down to the bottom once in the Comments section) - Then just type in the email you wish to receive the notifications to...and SAVE. And your done hon x

    This will mean that you will now receive all your comments via email..in your inbox...aswell as here on your posts. The only thing that is different..is that you can reply to a follower personally...rather than have to reply back to them all here on your comments board..unless you want to?
    Hope this makes sense.
    P.S no need to publish this comment....lol

    Just email me sweety if you get stuck ..but it would be great to chat to you x

  5. sorry to hear you weren't feeling well... Hope you are better now.
    Love all this inspiration, can't wait to see what you do! :)

  6. Absolutely - calming is so perfect in a bedroom! AND those headboards.. I want!! Love your blog, I am now happily following :) xo

  7. Helena: Thank-you my lovely, feeling much better now thank-you! :) x

    Sarah: Thanks for stopping by and for following... so nice to meet you... I'll have to pop over to your blog and have a look! :) x

  8. absolutely love your blog, love your interior and love your fashion, just basically LOVE LOVE your blog. Posted the Adore Magazine on my site with your beautiful apartment.

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