Photo #6... a blogging game.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The always lovely Anna from Lona De Anna has tagged me in a blogging game called Photo #6. The aim of this game is to go back to the 6th photo I ever uploaded to my blog, re-post it to show you all what it was, and remember this moment. My blog is only a wee 3 months old so it wasn’t all that long ago that I posted the below photo... but for me this is a moment I will always remember, photo or no photo. It was taken by my little sister only moments before I became Mrs Bouw :)

And what a coincidence that just last night we received the proof for our professional magazine style album and both hubby and I LOVE it... and I’m secretly loving the fact that a few photos have been touched up here and there :P Once we have the finished product, along with the images on a disc, I will upload a few more. But for the time being, click here (and scroll through) to see just a few more pics from our special day!

Ok, so it’s now my job to keep the wheels in this games turning by tagging a few of my fellow bloggers... I choose:

Helena from A Diary of Lovely
Sally from Once.Daily.Chic
Nellie from McCarthy Designs
And Jackie Fo from self titled blog Jackie Fo

Thank-you to Anna for tagging me in this little game!

And a happy hump day to you all :) x


  1. what a great photo look beautiful !!
    have a great week and glad you had fun playing this game XX

  2. You made such a stunning bride! Gorgeous clutch as well :)

    BuBbles x.

  3. you look stunning, so gorgeous Sonja!! And you look so happy!!
    Thanks for tagging I'll definitely do it this week xoxo


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