Progress and pillow talk.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

After a few wins this week, I finally feel as though I am making some progress setting up our new home here in KL. The rods for our curtains are finally being installed next week (no more peep show for our neighbours :P), the main guest room is coming together slowly, my wardrobe is almost organised (after having to buy 120 new hangers!), our new lounges will hopefully arrive next week and yesterday I finally purchased the Ikea Norrsten cabinet I have been umming and ahhing over for quite some time and it is being delivered this afternoon! Slowly but surely.

Black zebra stripe organic cotton printed pillow cover

Silk/cotton ikat pillow cover from Uzbekistan

Silk/cotton ikat pillow cover from Uzbekistan

Silk/cotton ikat pillow cover from Uzbekistan

Hot Pink Zip Zag organic cotton pillow cover

Silk/cotton ikat pillow cover from Uzbekistan

Anyway, I have just sat down to have a bite to eat and deliberate over which pillow covers I should order from Fabricadabra... here are my current top 6 choices... what do you think? Oh and if you know of any gorgeous pillow/cushion stockists that ship internationally I would be so grateful if you could send their details my way... thank-you my friends! :)

Gosh, where has the week gone?! AND I cannot believe it's April!

See you tomorrow for what will hopefully be a Fancy Friday for us all! x


  1. sonja i think you should get all the pillows!!
    they would look fantastic on that white couch!
    or get all the ikat ones & cover your cross footstools in zebra!
    happy easter
    sal xx

  2. Oh Im loving ALL of those...but youve gotta have a wee bit of Zebra in the just have to !! lol

    So glad to hear that all is coming along smoothly now..cant wait to see the finished product x

  3. Thanks for encouraging me ladies... if I end up buying all of them I can tell my husband that it was my lovely blog friends who made me do it :P

    Sally: LOVE your suggestion of the zebra footstools!

    Anna: I think the zebra ones are a sure thing :)

    Have a splendid easter weekend filled with lots of yummy easter eggs and hotcross buns! x

  4. i love the blue ikat and and the coral zig zag, im so so obsessed with fabricadabra


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