Rock'n Moroccan poufs!

Monday, April 19, 2010

How was your weekend? Me, I had a lovely one and spent most of it with my darling husband! Lunch and a movie date on Saturday, a big walk around the park yesterday morning, cooked an amazingly tasty Sunday lunch (if I do say so myself :P), did some baking in the afternoon and then relaxed in the evening by whipping hubby's butt in cards :)

Ok, so I have been lusting after some Morrocan poufs for a while now and have been eagerly awaiting their arrival at Table Tonic's online store as I knew the lovely Louise (the creator of Table Tonic) would be able to ship them to me here in Malaysia. So on Saturday when I saw the announcement that they had finally arrived, I was oh so quick to wave my magic wand (aka my credit card :P) and POUF! three of these beauties are now on their way to meeee! Joy! I should probably mention these are over $100 cheaper than the John Derian ones I featured on one of my Fancy Friday posts last month!

Images via: Table Tonic

I purchased this chic metallic silver one...

This sassy Fuschia one...

And a crisp white one for good measure :)

Poufs are ideal for additional seating, make great foot rests and of course my favourite function of the pouf... just sitting there looking pretty :) I thought I'd include a few pics of Moroccan poufs doing what they do best. All images via Flickr.

I hope you are having a great start to the week and aren't suffering too badly from the Monday morning blues! x


  1. I love them, and have one in white myself;-)

  2. I love them, and have one in white myself;-)

  3. I love them, I have asked my dad to bring me one when he next goes to Morocco :)
    Love your picks darling xo


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