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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I was sorting through some of my archived images yesterday and stopped when I saw this one... it seems I have a colour crush on this pale fuschia, lilac, purpurly, dusty pink colour (I'm sure there is a correct name for it) at the moment. So much so that I have just introuduced a touch of it into our master bedroom!

This stylish entryway belongs to Interior and Graphic Designer, Angie Hranowsky. You may very well be familiar with her designs as they have been featured in too many styling magazines and blogs to mention them all. I remember admiring Angie's work quite a while back when I toured her gorgeous home online... I thought I'd share some of them with you.

Front of the house.

I love everything from the colour palette and
patterns to the feature fireplace!

Dining room... gorgeous right!

The master bedroom... again, so creative
with the colours, patterns and textures.

Her daughter's sweet bedroom...

And her son's... love the stripes!

To see more of Angie's work and to source some ideas for your home you can view more of her portfolio via her website Angie Hranowsky Design Studio. Enjoy!

I'll be back tomorrow with a little post that is a slightly 'left of field' from my usual blog posts. Have a great day! x


  1. love that pink too ..that boy rooms -the stripes has given me an idea for my boys rooms:)thanks sonja hope you are well XXX

  2. Love the painting, love the white screen & love the zebra rug! sal x


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