Letters to BB: Entry #1

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I know this is a little 'left of field' compared to my usual posts... but I started this blog in order to express myself creatively, to share my love of all things beautiful, things that inspire me and to document little snippets of our life as expats. And, well, what can be more inspiring, a more beautiful creation than our own little Baby Bouw. This is a life changing experience for Mr B and I and I think above all else, absolutely worth documenting. So over the next 6 months, I will share with you, 'Letters to BB'.

To my little sweetheart,

We are 14 weeks in (or there about) and I felt as though today would be the perfect day to start an official little log, more like letters to you, of our journey up until the day you arrive!

The last few weeks in particular have been filled with so much excitement and so many beautiful blessings since announcing to our family and friends that you are well and truly on your way! Finally being able to share the news paired with our last visit to the Doc has made it all the more real! You had grown so much since your 8 week scan and it was your Daddy’s first time hearing your heart beat. You should have seen the look on his face... He was SO excited that any feelings he was having about fainting quickly disappeared because he wasn’t going to miss it for the world... your Dad's not so good with hospitals you see. You were sound asleep when we began the ultrasound but within a few minutes you were awake, kicking your little legs and waving your arms showing off to anyone that would watch... it was the most magical thing I have ever seen. It was as though you knew we were watching you :) I am counting down the days to our next appointment in less than 2 weeks, longing to see how much more you have grown, hear your little heart pumping and of course to receive some more pictures of you... because I think you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. You are approximately 8 cm long this week... amazing!

(Image does not really appear to scale on screen)

You had been quite kind to your Mummy up until yesterday. I thought I had escaped the first trimester experiencing only nausea and fatigue... but just to remind me what you had spared me the last 3 months, yesterday you decided to show Mumma what real morning sickness (or should I say afternoon sickness) is like. Thank-you my darling, note taken, so no need to remind me again... pretty please.

I have been having fun this week reading ‘baby name’ books and a book that Uncle K & Aunty J were kind enough to post all the way from Oz. It’s called ‘Up the duff’ and is completely relevant and very humorous. This picture is taken from the week 13 chapter which is pretty much how Mummy feels at the moment... well my belly hasn’t ‘popped out’ yet but my two other lovely lady lumps went ‘boing boing’ right from the beginning! I can’t wait to start showing so that the rest of the world can see how much a part of me you are already... in more ways than I can put into words.

Anyway my precious little BB, I will wind up today’s entry and write again after our next appointment as I just know I am already such a proud Mumma and will want to share the pics with everyone!

I love you little one, so very very much...

Mummy xoxo


  1. Such a beautiful idea to write letters to BB.

    Up the Duff was my bible whilst pregnant and I highly recommend it to anyone who will listen now :)


  2. that's is so beautiful ..got me all emotional now :) look forward to your next letters and I'm sure BB will love your letters to treasure always ....welcome to morning sickness ..all my three decided to surprise me to what is called morning,noon and night sickness ..hope it passes quickly ( dry biscuits or crackers helped me) XXX

  3. Gulp...sniff sniff...you got me all teary eyed...takes me back...just beautiful. You know that after you have a baby...the hormones have changed forever..you cry at anything lol

  4. What a lovely thought Son. Nice work!

  5. Helen and I enjoyed reading your article. We are looking forward to your next update. Love to you, MRB & BB. Love Grandma & Papa de Broom Broom

  6. Very nice Son. Love Helen & Wally


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