Operation Apartment: All the colours of the rainbow?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ok, so I have been madly pulling my hair out trying to decide on a colour palette for our living space which is currently still very very bare. Who knew it would be so hard! We are getting there with the essential items (so far we have a tick next to lounges, coffee table, TV unit, dining table and chairs, buffet and of course our darling Narate Kathong painting) but the room still looks so empty and far from complete :( I think I decided early on that I wanted mostly white with pops of certain colours but I have been struggling to settle on the 'certain colours' as there are so many different styles I like! Although those styles don't seem to exist here in Malaysia so I am finding it almost impossible to find even a cushion that I like... hmph. BUT I do have a trip to Melbourne coming up so I am hoping to pick up a few bits and pieces then... which means I will have to save room in my luggage limiting the amount of shoes I can pack... sacrifices sacrifices :P

Anyway, last night I was scouring the net and came across this gorgeous Missoni fabric swatch (love) and it dawned on me, do I really have to settle on a colour scheme? Or can I inject all the colours of the rainbow (or in my case Rainbouw :P) into the room and make it work?

Above image via: Safari Living

I think the below images have successfully achieved the concept of using many different colours, patterns and textures without them being 'matchy matchy' yet making it all come together perfectly. And it's been achieved using simple things such as books, flowers, cushions and art which makes it easy to change things up if you eventually decide on a new look... or if you are one of those people who like to rearrange things on a weekly bases :)

Above image via: Made by Girl

Above image via: Made by Girl

Above image via: Apartment Therapy

Above image via: Apartment Therapy

Above image via: Apartment Therapy

So, what do you think, am I onto something? I know I'm not alone in admiring so many different styles and with all these wonderfully inspiring blogs around, it really is hard to settle on just one! Have you embraced the above and thrown out the idea of using just one or two colours? I would love to hear how you went about it!

I'm off now to my first hairdressers appointment here in KL eeek! Wish me luck! Ah, it's Friday again tomorrow... I'll do my best to make it a fancy one! Have a great day x


  1. Well i can see a common element in there!
    White backdrop with pops of pink/oranges/yellows - i think thats a great colour scheme - similar to what have - its just a matter of convincing hubby!
    sal x

  2. Hi Sonja! I feel your pain, I also struggle with decision to our home, and it's so hard since all the inspiration around us... But, I totally agree with you on the color scheme, it's not a crime to add different colors to a room, and most talented decorators do great job, but I think the colors should be in harmony to each other. I love clusters with two three colors in different hues, and also the combination of materials, shiny, metals, woods... Look at Anna Spiro's apartment, she is a master of combining colors!

    I enjoy reading you blog, I used to live in Shanghai and miss the expat life. KL is also a fab city! You should easily be able to find beautiful fabrics in one of the many fabric stores, and sew some lovely cushions and curtains. Have a happy day!


  3. I love those images! In fact your vision for your home is v similar to mine for my own! Problem is, I have a house full of stuff I cant exactly get rid of just because Im over the colour... or can I??? Dont you love that stripy chair in the last image, esp teamed with that mirrored side table?

  4. Ahh ladies, I knew I wasn't alone in finding it hard to make these decisions... but now that my vision is cleared I am feeling much better about the fact that by using whatever colours I like I should hopefully mean I will be less resticted when it comes to purchasing :) I will of course keep you updated on any progess!!! xoxo

  5. Sonja, I was and still am in the same boat. I love clean crisp white, but I love colours, I am very much a colour person. So it is hard to add colour without looking matchy, but at the same time without looking clashing and horrid!! My living/tv area is white, black, blue,grey, green and yellow.

    Where as my bedroom is white,black, grey, pink, orange,magenta. When I have decorated to my satisfaction I will send pics.I know you have seen pics of the house without much in it. At the moment, still very bare!

    Goodluck with it, the pics you have shown look amazing. Wish I could afford an interior stylist, would make it so much easier!

  6. Lin, I'm not surprised you're exactly the same as me :P

    But wait until you hear this... our bedroom is currently white, black, grey, yellow and our lounge is black, white, grey, pink, organe and magenta haha :)

    Again you're the same as me, reluctant to show it off until it's 'to your satisfaction'... I'll be sure to share pics too eventually!

    Goodluck to you too honey, have a great w/e! x


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