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Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello friends! Gosh, it has been a while since I have posted indeed... I have missed the wonderful world of blogging! I had a brilliant two weeks back home in Melbourne spending much time with family and close friends... which explains my lack of blog posts over the last few weeks! I wish I could say I am back in the swing of things here in KL although the nasty flu hit me a few hours before we departed Melbourne so our flight consisted of me shaking and shivering with a high fever as well as many trips to the toilet to relieve both my bladder (thanks BB) and my stomach of the food I could not keep down. I am now on day 5 of having this yukky bug and am coughing and splattering like crazy :(

So, it was a rather quiet weekend indeed with plenty of time spent on the couch... I (yes me) even succumbed to a nap yesterday afternoon, much to the delight of Mr B who would nap several times a day if he could :P I also spent a chunk of last night online scouring through Etsy shops in search of some new cushions for our living area... yes, I am still searching... I keep changing my mind when it comes to colours and patterns etc! Here's what I have come up with so far...

Keeping in mind whatever I choose will be displayed on our 2 seater and 3 seater white, leather chesterfield lounges, I would love to hear your thoughts!

I thought I would also include individual, larger images of each cushion along with the link to the Etsy store it belongs to :)

Idari: Amy Butler Water Bouquet pillow cover.

Persnickety Home: Amy Butler Garden Maze pillow cover.

The Homecentric: Vintage ruffles pillow cover.

Regan's Brain: Amy Butler Midnight Water Bouquet pillow.

Be Still: Velvet designer silver flower pillow cover.

Indari: Pleated linen blend pillows.

Milk and cookies: Designer green geometric on white pillow cover.

What do you think? Pretty aren't they! I will probably spend a little more time searching today to see if I can find some more to mix and match... believe it or not it's pure white accent cushions that I think are the hardest to find!

I hope you are having a great start to yet another week... can you believe it's July this Thursday! x


  1. Great to see you back here and glad you had a nice time away. Sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather. That's funny because I've been hunting on Etsy lately too for new cushions for our living room which I'm hoping to give a bit of a makeover too. I love that first pillow you've shared - such gorgeous fabric!! x

  2. Thanks Amanda :) x

    I hope you are doing well too!

    Etsy do have some great items if you search hard enough and if you don't change your mind every few days like me :P I'm waiting to hear back from the seller of the first pillow pictured to see if she will ship internationally (I don't think she usually does) so fingers and toes crossed!

  3. Sorry to hear you're under the weather Sonja, get well soon.
    All of those cushions are jsut beautiful. I wouldn't be able to decide (which is probably why there are no cushions on my sofa, that, and the fact that the kids keep throwing them off as soon as they sit down).

  4. Thanks for your get well wishes Ange... x

    I know they're gorgeous. It's hard to choose just a few that's why I am not ruling out buying most of them :P

  5. Welcome back :) We missed you!
    Sorry to hear you're feeling crappy :( And being can't take much! So hang in there....hopefully you're back to 100% ASAP!!!
    Glad you had a lovely time in Aus catching up with family & friends :)
    Have a good week xox
    P.S. I love love love the Amy Butler Garden Maze cushion cover xox


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