Homeward bound!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am very excited to be flying home to Melbourne THIS afternoon and cannot wait to see family, friends and my little pooch :) Everyone keeps telling me how cold it is there at the moment BUT that will be a very welcomed change from the heat and humidity here in KL! I cannot tell you how excited I am about wearing a coat and a scarf and loads of layers to keep me nice and snug yet still having the icy, fresh winter air to breathe :)

Given I have a very full agenda for my trip home, I might only be popping in every few days for the next week or so... but I will do my best to share anything blog worthy :)

Oh but I did bake a delicious cake yesterday afternoon (possibly a new favourite in Mr B's books) so hopefully I have time to post the recipe tomorrow... because it is too good and too easy not to share!

That's all for now my friends... happy hump day! x


  1. Have a wonderful trip home and I hope you enjoy the wintry weather. There's just something about rugging up to keep warm....
    Looking forward to that recipe if you get a chance to share. I only do "easy" in the kitchen.

  2. Have a fabulous time back home showing off your baby bump!

    Btw, I have tagged you for a Versatile Blogger Award on my blog if you'd like to participate :)


  3. Have a nice trip! So excited to see your family members I'm sure. :)))


  4. Have a lovely time back home catching up with F&F...it is cold her in Sydney too..but the sun has been out so cant complain..enjoy your time there x

  5. Thanks lovelies!

    I'm having a great time hence my blog being neglected :P xo


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