Letters to BB: Entry #2

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hello my darling little one!

I am still buzzing from our appointment this morning! I cannot tell you how unbelievably exciting it was to see you again... and oh how you have grown... you are well and truly a little person now! You are so much bigger that we were even able to count five little fingers on each hand and watched you raise your arm above your head to wave to your Mummy and Daddy... you are already just too adorable for words. Last time you were asleep when we began the ultrasound but this time you were raring to go as soon as we could see you on the screen! Although the excitement proved too much for you and by the end you were fast asleep... again, too adorable for words! Of course I cannot wait for you to make your grand entrance into this world, but, for the time being, I am loving having you all to myself. You looked so beautiful, safe, cosy and content curled up inside my belly and I feel so blessed knowing that I am keeping you that way.

I am now 16 1/2 weeks along and my belly has well and truly POPPED (well I think so anyway)and they weren't kidding when they said it happens almost over night! I think my first experience shopping for maternity clothes is just around the corner... I am not yet sure how I feel about this :P Although I was very pleased that the Doc was impressed that my tummy muscles are still hard even when resting... but not for much longer I am guessing...

Baby Bouw- 16.5 weeks!

Our's seems like a 'textbook pregnancy' so far and I giggle every time I reach a new chapter for a new week and read almost word for word the things I have been experiencing... your usually super organised, mindful and co-ordinated Mummy has been forgetting things and breaking things and well, doing so may things out of character! I think Daddy is getting a slight kick out of seeing your 'sometimes a control freak' Mum lose control.

I (or should I say we!) am heading home to Melbourne tomorrow and am SO very excited to see all our family and friends and to show off my little BB bump... this is one reason I am thrilled I popped when I did and am finally showing!

There is just so much to look forward to my little one... and I love you more as each day passes.

Mummy xo

P.S I have just put together your first home video but am having trouble uploading... I hope to share very soon! x


  1. so sweet... you feel like you've 'popped' now... but I bet you'll laugh in 10 weeks when you look back at the photos! So glad everything is going so well so far --hopefully the second half will fly by and you'll be holding your baby before you know it! I went to see the dr today too, and apparently am a little 'small for dates' (paps my tiny belly should have been a slight warning). Trying not to panic, am I giving birth to a midget??! Was it all those double-shot cappaccinos?!

  2. i cant believe it has gone so fast already before you know you will be telling everyone you have 1 month to go ...so exciting i love the ultrasound picture so cute ..it making me clucky ( no not really 3 is enough for me LOL) have a fun trip in Melbourne ( my town too) and speak to you soon
    p.s i having my first giveaway ,pop over an take a look
    melli XX


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