My birthday weekend on Pangkor Island!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a divine weekend indeed! As you know Mr B booked this weekend away for my birthday a few months back and I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed ourselves! Our seaside villa was so peaceful and away from the rest of the resort, the beach was without crowds of people, the water so nice and warm, the pool refreshing and the poolside burger was to die for :P

Most of our time was spent lazing by the pool, swimming in the ocean, a few water sports, a friendly game or two of beach volley ball and of course, eating and drinking. And I had THE LOVELIEST birthday on Sunday (my last before I become a Mummy!) thanks to my darling hubby! Despite not being able to enjoy a glass of wine or bubbly, having to take it easy with some of the activities and coming to the realisation that my bikini no longer fits properly due to my continually growing lovely lady lumps, I wouldn't change it for the world... everything was just perfect.

AND thank-you so much to those of you who sent gorgeous birthday wishes :)

So, as promised here are a few (maybe a few too many) pics from our blissful long weekend on Pangkor Island!

Arriving on the island.

A lovely welcome.

Mr B outside our seaside villa.

Me testing the water.

Cute right?! NOT. This cheeky little monkey
would not let me back into our villa... and
despite monkeys being my favourite animal,
when this monkey was joined by two others,
I was a damsal in distress and had to go and
get Mr B to help me get inside!

And apparently if you don't lock your doors,
they will enter your room looking for a feed!

Taking out the wave runner... SO much fun!

Sunset on our first night.

This was delivered to our room at 8:00am...
me having my cake and eating it too :P

Hubby's handywork :)

Here he is... Mr B x

Me with my new SLR camera... thanks darling! x

I think hubby is more obsessed with it than I am!

Goofing around...


Relaxing with a game of cards...

And I won by one point :P

When my darling asked me what I wanted to
do for my birthday dinner, I insisted
on fish and chips by the beach... YUMMY!!!

And to finish off the perfect birthday and weekend,
this was the sunset on our last night... beautiful.

There you have it, a couple of happy snaps from our gorgeous weekend away! It sure has made hubby and I hungry to see more of these beautiful little hideaways whilst we are living in Malaysia... we'd be crazy not too right?! But for my next trip I am headed back home to Melbourne... and next week would you believe... I can't wait! Happy hump day everyone! x


  1. Gorgeous pics!

    Looks like you had a perfect weekend :)


  2. oh i love your piccies! so cute!
    i love the photo of you playing cards - looking v/cool!
    oh & lets not forget eating cake at 8am! awesome
    in a similar naughty style i have taken the day off work to do boring house chores but am in the process if making myself a margarita & watching the sex & the city movie in prep for seeing the 2nd one while i do my filing ;) woot!
    sal x

  3. Happy Birthday! Your retreat at Pangkor looked like sooo much fun! Glad you're having a blast in Malaysia!

  4. OMG those sunsets are simply STUNNING!!!
    What a heavenly weekend away!
    Son, I have to say this, but you are so gorgeous ~ with your's & hubby's genes, your bub is going to be so beautiful :)
    Thanks for sharing your photos of your b'day weekend ;o)
    Claire xo.

  5. wow, beam me over there scotty, that place looks gorgeous! You and your hubby are cute-and-a-half and YOU DONT EVEN LOOK PREGNANT! Happy birthday, next year you'll be able to request brekkie in bed from your bubba!

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful time! Pangkor looks gorgeous and I think you will definately need to get out and visit lots of those beautiful hideaways while you can! xx

  7. what an absolutely stunning couple you make!! Oh my you will have the most gorgeous baby ever!! :) looks like a lovely way to celebrate your birthday!!

  8. Thanks so much lovely ladies... it was a wonderful w/e indeed and we wouldn't mind another one like it very soon :P

    Much love,

    Son xoxo

  9. Happy belated birthday! What a wonderful way to celebrate with just the two of you before bub comes along. Looks like a really relaxing place and fish and chips by that gorgeous beach looks wonderful :)

  10. This looks SO beautiful! You and your hubby are adorable and happy belated birthday!!

  11. I honestly don't know where to start, Son!
    It looks AMAZING!!!
    And PS, clearly pregnancy is agreeing with you!
    Take care,


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