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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yesterday I had a small win (or so I thought) when I stumbled across not one but two cots that I love both in the same store. This is a BIG deal here in KL as modern, stylish and good quality furniture (especially for babies) is not all that easy to find. So I was super excited about my discovery and planned to take hubby there tonight to get his opinion (aren't I kind tee hee).

BUT... yes, it's a big but... I started doing some reading on what to look for in the perfect cot and had no idea there was so much to consider! Make sure the mattress is firm, ensure that the gaps between the bars are not too big, cots with all four sides open are a better option, is the drop rail essential, does it matter if it doesn't convert into a toddler bed etc. etc. etc. Sheesh!

Like most first-time-parents I'm sure we are going to get completely and absolutely carried away ensuring we give our bubba the best we possibly can. But I am also learning quickly that everyone has an opinion and the best you can do is take the information on board and then make a decision based on what you think is right for you and your little one. So my friends, after trolling through baby website after baby website, I thought who better to ask than my friends in blog land! I would LOVE some advice and opinions on baby cots to assist us in choosing the right one for BB!

Thank-you! Son, Mr Bouw & BB xo


  1. Hey Sonja,

    I lived in Singapore for 2 years and my daughter was born there. I know all too well about trying to decorate a nursery!!

    For the first few months of life, my daughter slept in this:

    Which was excellent and I would recommend to any new Mum. Great for breastfeeding in the night, you could just roll over and pick up baby. I think you can have that shipped to KL from the states or even Singapore. I bought mine in Singapore.

    Try here for some things, I'm sure they ship to KL pretty often.

  2. Hi! I'm glad I found your blog, am now a follower. I agree with what you said about everyone having an opinion when it comes to anything related to babies and the best thing you can do is listen to what everyone has to say but ultimately do what you feel is right. As for cots, there are so many out there that are bigger/more solid than necessary. I say opt for something simple with a drop down side and a base that you can udjust the level on. Love that image you've posted - the elephant mobile hanging above the cot is gorgeous!

  3. There are a few sexy models that are ridiculously overpriced (I'm talking about you, dear Stokke!) and I reckon that when you go shopping, you'll find most of them kindof have the same functions anyway... despite their varying colour/ material etc. Definite must-haves:
    - a drop rail. It will make your life a billion times easier...
    - A good quality, breathable (doesnt have to be necessarily expensive) mattress
    - When you shake it... it stays intact!

    ... and the rest is just a bit of fun, really. Mine is plain white and good quality timber and the rest I just dress up with linen!

    Have fun, and good luck!!!

  4. I second Amanda and BMT...some cots are just ridiculously overpriced...I think open slates on all sides..its good to have full view of the baby from every angle of the room when asleep and plenty of air circulating. Make sure the slates arent too far apart that they can get their head stuck..you should be able to fit your hand through and thats it. A drop rail...most definitely...and adjustable base is good...but not essential as the drop rail gives you enough easy access to picking up and putting the bubs down. The purpose of being able to elevate the base is for when they are newborn ..but if you plan on having a bassinet ( eg:baby with you in your room for the first 3 months)..then I wouldnt worry about an elevated base. But most important..a good breathable quality mattress. I bought Jacq's cot off ebay for $50 from a wholesale furniture store..and it fab..the mattress cost more than the cot...I think we spent about $180 on his mattress..but worth every penny.
    Not a fan of the sleigh beds..or the ones that convert into a toddler bed...by that time you would have probably changed your mind on how you want BB's bedroom decked out. I know its so hard to decide...but just simplify your decision by going with practicality and safety..rather than just what looks stylish. So long as BB's cot is solid..strong and sturdy..if painted..ensure that it has been painted with non toxic paints as when they start teething they sometimes gnaw on the rail. A good comfy mattress..and thats all you need honey.
    When shopping...practise reaching over pretending you are picking up a baby...because you will be doing this over 10 times a day and so you want to be comfortable with gaining access to BB.
    So much to decide on...I know you will end up with the perfect cot for you and BB ;) x

  5. Aww Son, I remember that overwhelming feeling so well! There is sooooo many options when it comes to cots and prams and high chairs etc etc! And there are so many rules and standards and opinions which makes the decision making process a billion times harder lol!
    Just go with what you like and what feels right :)
    We got Ella's cot second hand and I thought it was PERFECT {at first}!! It was everything I was looking for....white, old-fashioned looking {but new}, etc etc! It served it's purpose but my bubba is such a terrible sleeper that she hardly spent much time in it afterall :)
    We did have to change her mattress when she was about 11 months old because it was too soft...so this is what I recommend to look for in a cot:
    * a slide rail....saves your back when putting bub in and out :)
    * get a firm, spring {good quality} mattress...not a foam one.
    * once bub starts rolling & crawling...invest in a breathable {made from netting} bumper {AIRWRAP is the 'safe' brand apparently} - saves them getting their legs, arms etc stuck in the bars :)
    As for it having to be able to change to a toddler bed....our cot couldn't do that, but by the time she hit 15months, I was ready to re-decorate her nursery anyways, so was happy to take the cot out and buy a new gorgeous little toddler bed! She's now 2 and in a 'big girl - king single' bed!
    Hope that was some help!
    Have fun shopping for Bub! It's so lovely!
    C xo.

  6. I cannot thank-you enough for taking the time to reply with such detail... it was such a big help and I really do appreciate it ladies!

    Although despite almost every Mother telling me they are a must, the word is that drop down cots are going to be band in the next year or so!

    I have decided not to rush the process and have fun browsing (how easy is it to get carried away!) until I find ther perfect one for BB.

    Thanks again my friends! xoxo

  7. BuBba has a similar cot to the one in your picture there. We went for something that was sturdy when we did our "rock and rattle" test, converts to a bed later on and also one that had a one-hand drop down side.

  8. Hi Son,

    I'd be surprised that the drop sided cots would be banned, they save parents backs!

    My key things would be:

    An adjustable mattress height - you want it high when they are tiny, then the ability to drop the height when they start pulling themselves up to standing.

    Don't get too carried away with cot sheet sets etc cos the baby won't be in them anyway, just a gorgeous wrap will do, all the SIDS recommendations say leave the cot free of anything other than the baby.

    Once BB is out of being swaddled get into Grobags or any kind of sleep suit, the sleeping bag type rather than with legs, if BB is a climber you don't want to encourage any climbing out of the cot.

    Also leave BB in a cot as long as possible (I've got friends who's three year olds are still in cots) cos once they're in beds then getting them to sleep at night is much harder work.

    Can you tell I've just gone through all of this recently? :)

    Have a lovely trip home, rug up it's freezing here. xx

  9. Glad to have been of help :)

  10. What an exciting time for you!

    When it comes to a cot, go with the one you absolutely LOVE, regardless of features or cost (unless of course, you must stick to a strict budget).

    The first cot I bought for our son was everything that everyone usually recommends (ie. drop down rail, firm mattress, open ventilation on all 4 sides, two base positions, etc), and it was in our price range. But the cot I really LOVED was about $500 more expensive and also didn't have a drop down side, so I justified my purchase that way.

    However, that gorgeous cot I loved called me and kept calling me, I'd see it everywhere and long for it. Eventually I thought "DAMN IT, I'm going to get it and sell my other cot". Which is what I did. I bought the cot I absolutely LOVED and sold the other one (and I got almost what I paid for it). My new and much loved cot doesn't have drop down sides, but that doesn't bother me in the slightest. I didn't end up using the drop down side of the other cot because it would click into place which would inevitably wake my bub, so I just stopped using it. And I haven't had any problems (with my back or otherwise) with the new cot that doesn't have drop down sides. And as you say, drop down sides are about to be banned anyway for safety reasons.

    My new cot looks stunning in the nursery and I am sooooooo happy I went with what I fell in love with from the beginning, even though it was more expensive than what we budgeted for.

    Good luck, I know what a difficult process and decision this is for you.


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