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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello friends! How are we? Well I hope. Again I apologise for my lack of posts lately... I have been experiencing a few issues with the network here with the internet being as slow as the little creature below for the last few days which has meant I have been unable to blog! It seems to be working ok so far this morning! Phew. I know it's sad, but living o/s I rely heavily on the world wide web!

That is not my only excuse for not posting much of late... I have been quite distracted with EVERYTHING baby and haven't really wanted to bore you with all the details. I must admit with BB's due date creeping closer (I know I still have 4 months to go) I was beginning to feel quite unorganised as we hadn't really made any big purchases for bubba! Plus we have quite a bit of travel coming up and a tonne of guests coming through over the next few months so I have also been trying to get organised for that.

Call me crazy or call it hormones but I have literally been losing sleep and having nightmares about purchasing the right items for BB. Who, pregnant lil ol' me irrational? Never ha ha. Poor Mr Bouw. BUT I am happy to report that in the last week we have had both BB's cot and change table delivered and we purchased a pram on the weekend... three cheers for us.. YAY! I am SO relieved. I must admit, it has made it all the more real being able to picture our little bundle sleeping in the nursery. And the shop where we purchased BB's wheels is in walking distance from our place so we happily walked home through the park pushing a baby-less pram tee hee... we may have gotten a few strange looks (also because we both look kinda young) but we couldn't have cared less :)

So, on the cards for this week is more baby stuff as well as picking up a few bits and pieces to prepare for our first lot of guests who arrive next weekend.

Above image via: The Palms Boutique Blog

Above image via: The Palms Boutique Blog

Today I am going to go and have a look at some shelving options for the nursery... if us adults can have our fancy clothes on display then why can't the little ones?! I am picturing something like the below two pics...

Above image via: Lonny Magazine

Above image via: Table Tonic

What do you think? Gorgeous right! I'll let you know how I go :)

Anyway, it's so nice to be back but I must be off. Have a beautiful day! x


  1. Its so exciting planning for baby's arrival isnt it? Love the pics with the clothes displayed. Sooo cute :)

  2. How exciting you have bought some of the big baby items!!! I remember when we started decorating Grace's nursery, I'd sit in there just picturing what it would be like when she arrived :) Shelving for display is a great idea - I'm hoping to get my hubby to finally hang the shelf I've bought for Grace's room over the weekend :) Looking forward to you sharing your purchases with us xx


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