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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ummmm... have I been sleeping under a rock for the last 6 months?! Or is it only now that I have baby on the brain I have cottoned on to the fact that Jonathan Adler has a homewares range for little ones! Oh how I wish I had the equivalent of a Jonathan Adler store here in Malaysia! I thought I'd share a few of the pics I found while surfing the net...

Image via: Rearranged Design

Image via: Shelter Pop

Image via: Shelter Pop

Image via: Shellterrific

Image via: Simply Stated

How adorable are some of these products for a nursery! To check out more products from the Jonathan Adler Junior range click here! Speaking of nurseries, I better get a wriggle on with BB's! I have plenty of ideas running through my head but have not made one nursery purchase to date (maybe because there is a serious lack of good quality baby furniture here in KL). So with only four months to go (I know, I can't believe it) I better get cracking! P.S. My vision for the nursery is much clearer now that Mr B and I know the sex of BB... AND yes, it is secret :P

Happy hump day! x


  1. I love that loveseat and the rug in pinks and oranges. I actually could quite happily have that rug in my house and I don't have a child yet- is that wrong? :) Cam x

  2. Hi Cam, thanks for reading :)

    The loveseat is heaven right! And no, there is absolutely nothing wrong with lusting after the items even if you don't have a little one :) x

  3. I must have been sleeping under the same rock with I had no idea. LOVE the zebra rug and lamps...SO GORGEOUS!! x

  4. Oh my goodness, these images are absolutely gorgeous... I'm grateful to know that when I head into the big-wide-world-of-parenting I won't have to succumb to Bob The Builder bed linen, but I will be able to dress the room with adult style!! LOVE IT!! :) Hazel

  5. I've never seen this range either so thanks for sharing!! Love the lion rug!


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