Letters to BB: Entry #3

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello my gorgeous one,

It’s been over a month now since my last entry, and, well I think it’s safe to say that you have well and truly made an appearance... at just shy of 5 months pregnant my (or should I say your) baby bump is now there for all the world to see! And I’m sure your Daddy is already getting sick of me saying “Look how much bigger I am now” and “I have nothing to wear!” both of which are the truth! For some reason I have been dreading the whole ‘maternity shopping’ thing but as each week passes I am feeling less and less comfortable in my normal clothes (goodbye skinny jeans *sniff... hello cleavage! *eek). So, earlier this week I hit the shops in my first attempt at buying maternity wear... and... um... what a joke! I looked ridiculous and daggy in everything I tried on so it wasn’t long before I found myself back shopping amongst those who don’t have a continually expanding waistline. I decided to shop for normal clothes in slightly bigger than my normal size and in more forgiving styles. I came home quite pleased with my efforts and my five new items (I even did a little catwalk for Daddy) but later had a giggle to myself when I realised I must have been channelling the ‘trailer trash Mum’ within... I mean, what kind of Mum goes shopping for maternity clothes and comes home with a mini dress and a leopard print top?! Have I lost my mind?! :P

Mamma Bouw in that mini dress
@ almost 5 months pregnant...

And leopard print can be classy right? :P

Our baby bump @ almost 5 months pregnant!

You have been a little wriggle bum for the past few weeks my darling, which means I now have the daily joy of feeling you move around in my tummy! It is such a special feeling indeed and I love the constant reminder of your presence. Your Daddy and I had the absolute pleasure of seeing you again on Tuesday... EXCITING! Again, we got to hear your little heart beat and see the patterns of blood flowing magically through your tiny body. Oh how you have grown! You are just too beautiful for words! I am always a little disappointed when the ultrasound is over but love coming home with a whole heap of new photos... and love showing them off to family and friends! Adorably beautiful is an understatement...

Our gorgeous BB's little face...

Look how much bubba has grown!

I have started the planning for your nursery and am very happy that we decided to find out your sex (which your Daddy and I are keeping a surprise!) as it makes searching for those special items all the more fun and I love being able to picture you when considering colour schemes :) Not to mention being able to shop for clothes! Your wardrobe is starting to look very healthy indeed and I am having SO much fun shopping for you... oh the JOY!

Time is going so very quickly now and I can’t believe that you will be here in a little over four months time! I just cannot wait to meet you and for you to change our lives for the absolute better. You stay cosy in there my precious baby and keeps those kicks coming! I can’t wait to see you again in three and a half weeks!

I love you so very much...

Mummy xoxo


  1. Beautiful stuff, Mama Bouw.
    You look FAB.

  2. ooohh talk about yummy mummy in that mini dress! you look fantastic son!
    sal x

  3. You could never look like a trailer trash mum....you're too gorgeous for that!! You look stunning in that dress :)

  4. i missed reading your letters so happy to read how much baby has grown, you look gorgeous Missy,i wouldnt stress out, wish i looked like that when i was pregnant with my first,the fun times begins now especially when you know the sex of the baby and know one else knows i found out with all my boys but it was my little secret too.take care sweetie... enjoy being pregnant and rest up cause soon you wont have time for that. xxxx

  5. Love your letters :) I didn't buy many maternity clothes when I was pregnant with Grace either - I tended to go for anything stretchy like jersey fabric that would accomodate my bump. You look gorgeous in your mini dress :)


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