The Not-So-Golden Palm Tree Resort!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As you know, last Friday I was very excited about my all expenses paid overnight stay at the new Golden Palm Tree Resort on the Malaysian Gold Coast. A few of you asked me to report back on my experience, so here goes.

Our mission was to suss out the facilities and the service to see whether the resort would be able to accommodate for 130 Senior Executives that will be attending a conference Mr B is running at the end of August. We of course appreciate the fact that all expenses were paid but let me tell you, I wouldn't have been handing over one cent after our experience. Let's just say there ain't nothing Golden about this place! After travelling an hour and a half to get there and after seeing some amazing images of this resort, hubby and I were anticipating a beautiful beach and a knock out resort... we got neither (FYI it looks nothing like the digitally enhanced image above). From the moment we arrived, it was disappointment after disappointment. Without sounding too much like a prima donna, here is a breakdown of what not to love about this place:

* You would think being potential clients looking to spend big $$$ over a two day executive conference, we would have been greeted by an events manager... nope.

* Even after receiving an email confirmation of our dinner booking (purpose being to sample the menu), when we arrived they were rude, had no record of our reservation and we were left waiting for about 15mins even though the restaurant was empty.

* They then proceeded to stuff up not one but both of my courses (despite the two of us being the only ones dining!)... no to mention the menu being less than average and the food even more so.

* We did try the bar. Again, the service was poor and I was served possibly the worst iced chocolate EVER. It was like warm water with a spoon of Milo.

* We thought we could salvage some hope and headed back to the rooms (which is all fairness were lovely) to watch some telly and indulge in a naughty something sweet after dinner but ALAS! There was NO minibar, no room service and no little shop to purchase such treats. Zilch. Not even a dodgy vending machine!

* Flicked on the TV and every station had such bad reception it was impossible to get a clear picture.

* What next? We thought we'd fire up our laptops but there was no wireless as promised. By this stage both of us felt like we were on some kind of 'gotcha show'.

* It seemed and early night was the only thing on the cards for us. To top of a very disappointing and frustrating evening the showers (although nice to look at) were cold. Hmph.

I can count the things to love about this resort on 2 fingers:

* The sunset was quite nice (if you turned a blind eye to the not-so-golden beach).

* The four poster bed was dreamy and oh so comfy.

So there you have it my friends. I do feel bad about reporting back with such negativity but I cannot lie. If you're ever in my hood, save yourself the hassle.

On a happier note, I have just booked another 3 nights on Pangkor Island (remember this is where hubby took me for my birthday in May) for when my in-laws come to stay at the beginning of September! AND prior to that Mr B and I will be taking a four day trip to Bali where we will stay in our very own private villa at The Ahimsa Estate (which hubby swears by)equipped with our own private pool, chefs, masseuse and driver... bliss! Bali is one of hubby's favourite places to visit and he has been many many times... me on the other hand, this will be my first! And although I will be quite the pregnant women by then (already cringing at the thought of finding new swimwear) I cannot wait :)

Sorry for the ramble! Oh and if any of you have any tips on where to shop in Bali please do let me know! x


  1. Oh Son, so disappointing! It did look promising... maybe they are so new they haven't worked out the kinks yet? Like service is key?

    Bali is amazing and you will love it! The people can't do enough for you! Great shopping and dining in Seminyak and Legian... Must do is Cocktails (or Mocktails for Mumma) at Ku De Ta on Seminyak Beach. Oh so jealous... you'll be spoilt! If your villa is anything like mine I used to wake to a massage poolside as they made breakfast... it is heaven! Cam xox

  2. Oh Sonja, what a major let-down!!! It sounds like you deserve a special treat and Pangkor Island should do the trick.

  3. Thanks for your sympathy ladies tee hee :P x

    Cam, a good friend of mine swears by the Legian so I must check it out! I have no doubt I will love Bali... everyone I know that has been LOVES it! x

  4. Awwww no sad to hear it wasn't what they promised, how disappointing! I'm bugging my man to go to bali, he has been there but i haven't and i would love to go so i hope u like it!
    Belated Congratulations on baby bouw! Jx

  5. Oh how disappointing Sonja!! Such a shame. Glad the bed was at least comfy - it looks amazing!!!

  6. oh my god your life is so GLAM, luv (well, apart from the dogy hotel part. But at least it was a holiday! And free!)! I'm so jealous.... and you'll love Bali. Stay away from Kuta and go up into the mountains of Ubud, its lovely. Are you showing yet? I've POPPED in a dreadful way; putting on half a kilo a week -- and that's just in my chin!! x

  7. Oh no...what a pity the hotel was so crappy! And they make it look like heaven on earth in the photos!!!!! Very disappointing :( Your next trip with the in-laws & to Bali sound blissful though :) xo

  8. Sorry you had a poor time on your recent trip.

    I saw this post on another blog (Made By Girl) and thought of you. Just thought I'd share:

  9. Hi Jenn!

    Thanks for forwarding the post from Made by Girl! It's always funny reading that people would never expect to see such accommodation here in Malaysia! I hope to one day eventually share some pics of our place... but it's far from finished at the moment!

    Have a great day! x

  10. Hi Sonja, I just came back from Golden Palm Tree and was looking for some pics to quote and write about them as my pics didn't turned out too good. This is when I stumbled across your blog n I had to agree with u that my bf and I shared a bad experience too! We had a 3d/2n stay over the weekend and the pool's pump broke so they closed the pool on Sunday and Monday. I wanted to do some sea sports but can't cos the water was just too shallow. There's no convenient stores to get anything at night and on Sunday morning the power tripped at 7am! And we had to stay up for almost 30mins because it was just too hot to sleep again without the air-conditioner. My bf bought this holiday for us and I felt so bad to tell him that I am so disappointed with the holiday =(


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