Operation Apartment: Adorn with art Part #3

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ok, so WAY back in March I posted about my plans/ideas for the entry way into our apartment... well, it's not exactly an entry way as the entrance, living and dining is really just one gigantic room. I am frustrated to report that in the months we have been in KL I am still struggling to find decor items that are modern enough to suit the space we have to work with... and a large (almost too large) one at that! It's also hard knowing that when we do return to Oz, our house will probably be in a different style again so we don't want to go crazy buying things that we might not like when we do relocate. Earlier this week I was planning on finally hanging some frames above the plain white console (which sits along the wall to the left just as you enter our apartment) but wasn't quite sold on how it would look and began to wish we had another nice piece of art to hang there instead...

It then dawned on me... a canvas that we currently have in our Master Bedroom (which was a gift from one of Mr's B's best mates way before we met) might just do the trick! With my recent pillow purchases from Etsy, our enormous Narate Kathong painting and a similar colour timber frame to our Zuster dining table, I think the colours tie in quite well. And after all, we actually did have this framed canvas in our living room in our two previous homes and it always got loads of compliments, so why not here in KL!

Above: The canvas in question...
(ignore the hideous light switches and temporary knick knacks...
would you believe we are still waiting for
our wedding gifts to be shipped from Oz hmph!).

Above: Zuster Zen Dining Table with Louis Ghost chairs.

Above: Pillows recently purchased from Etsy.

Above: Our Narate Kathong Painting.

And again.

What do you think? Is it too much? Not enough? The wrong style? Your very honest opinions would be much appreciated before I put any permanent holes in these concrete walls of ours :P x


  1. I love it there - it's a really good size for that wall above your entrance table and the colour ties in perfectly with the timber of your table and your cushions - looks fab!! Get that drill out!! :)

  2. wow wow wow!!!
    sonja it looks fantastic!
    you have seriously nailed the serene modern white with pops of colour look! I think we should submit your place to an asian interiors magazine! The ghost chairs look amazin gin your space too!
    sal x

  3. Love it ..gorgeous print...All of it really ties in well...it just needs a little touch like a Bouw? ; )

    The only thing I would add..or change..is the arrangement on the console...needs larger items..on either end...like a tall vase..or lamp with gold tones to compliment the colours in the print...even some smaller artwork framed...some flowers in the middle...in that pink vase would be perfect? some things like that.

    I also think...just a suggestion...but perhaps a small sheep skin rugs on each ghost chair at the end of your dining table would add a some texture to that space.

    the cushions are gorgeous...and nothing is too overdone at all...looks fab hon x

    Sorry if that was all too much of

  4. i love it ..looks awesome,those ghost chairs and that Narate Kathong Painting is just stunning...loving your style sonja xx

  5. I am really loving the print there so it def should stay, everything ties in so beautifully with it and I'm dying with jealousy over the sight of you ghost chairs, great choice! Jx

  6. love it!! I have those ghost chairs around my table too! (yours probably aren't horribly scratched though, a slight misdemeanor with a cleaning product on my part - ooops) and I have that pink glass vase on the far left of the console too!! Love the artwork, possum.

  7. I love it! I think the colours in the canvas tie in with the dining table. I also love the dark dining table with the ghost chairs. I have the same combination :)

  8. Wow, its really coming together so well! Love the fresh colours against the white, love the Ghost chairs with the wooden table. Beautiful hun. xo

  9. Oh that painting is devine and what a pop of colour and style. I think its perfect. You will not be sorry putting those holes in your walls.....go for it.

  10. Hi!

    I heard about your amazing blog from a friend Michelle Raatjes and was wondering if you could suggest some beautiful luggage, LV seems to rule the market, I have had a look at Wisecracker but I am not sold! Any thoughts? X Rebecca

  11. Hi ladies! I just wanted to say thanks so much for your positive feedback... I really do appreciate your opinions, kind words and approval :P Our apartment still needs a little bit of work before I will be completely happy with it but it definitely has come a long way since we moved in. And I promise to share more pics in the coming weeks and months :) x

  12. Hi Sonja,
    I absolutely adore your blog and everything
    You have done with your home.
    I was wondering if you could tell me
    who the artist is that designed your black
    canvas as pictured above, as I am always
    looking for new inspiration.
    Bianca from Melbourne.

  13. Hi Bianca!

    Thanks for your lovely comments :)

    You're not the first to ask me about that canvas... it was actually given to my hubby as a gift almost 10 years ago. To my knowledge it was an image of something that they then manipulated and stretched and then had printed onto a canvas. It is an original and I am sorry I can't really provide any more details as it was before Matt and I met! x

  14. Hi Sonja,
    Thanks for your reply. Wow, that makes it even more special
    and one of a kind!
    So lovely.
    Can't wait to read all about your next adventures & projects.
    Take care.


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