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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last month I posted a few pics of some throw pillows I was contemplating buying from various etsy stores. Today I thought I would update you on the ones I decided to buy (which was about half of them :P) and post a few pics.

I am absolutely loving the two designer green geometric on white pillow covers I purchased from Milk & Cookies. The bright chartreuse green really pops on our white lounges! Just yesterday the Amy Butler Midnight Water Bouquet cover purchased from Regan's Brain arrived and I was thrilled when I opened the beautifully packaged parcel to reveal a gorgesously vibrant pillow that goes just prefectly with the green geometric ones! I haven't had a proper play to work out where exactly they will live but for the time being, see for yourselves. Not to mention the colours of both cushions bring out the hues in our Narate Kathong painting (which can be spotted in the background)!

And in the below pic you will find the Amy Butler Garden Maze pillow purchased from Persnickety Home along with two of my darling Moroccan pouffes from Table Tonic! Again, this arrangement is only temporary... this is because both the pouffes and the rocker are so damn versatile that I keep moving them from room to room! And of course because rearranging furniture and constantly changing our minds is a part of what makes us female :P

I am still waiting on one more Amy Butler print pillow cover, I will post some pics of this once it arrives. Oh and I must add, all of the above mentioned products are beautiful quality! What do you think? Did Etsy save the day?

Happy hump day! x


  1. ooohhh son we finally get to see your place! Love the lounge, love the cushions & LOVE the little corner arrangment! The kartell stool & the poufs look great together!
    sal x

  2. I love!!! But then, I love anything pink... I have one of those rockers too (in pink!!) and a silver pouff is well, though mine is not quite as chic as yours! I have eyed those Amy Butler cushions on Etsy before but cannot choose, there are so many gorgeous colours/ designs!! x

  3. Wow! I love the colours you have chosen, so beautiful and fresh, I may need to update my cushions after seeing how great those look. Jx

  4. Oh thanks so much lovely ladies! Your nod of approval means alot :) It's all coming together very slowly xo

    Jasmin- head on over to Milk & Cookies etsy store... there are so many to choose from (including some using stunning fabrics from Kelly Wearstler!) as well as some great deals if you buy sets of 3 or 4 etc. x

  5. I love all your choices! Beautiful!
    Such pretty colours! And I love love love your Table Tonic pouffes :)

  6. LOVE your choice of cushions!! Such gorgeous fabrics that go so well together and really bring out the colours in your artwork. I love the one on your rocker too. It's funny, I was just on the Table Tonic store looking at those pouffes before I clicked on your blog :) What have you filled yours with?

  7. Hi Amanda! Yes, the pouffes are so great and will pretty much work in any room! They were very cheap to fill... I filled mine with those tedious little balls you fill beanbags with :) x

  8. it looks absolutely gorgeous!! I really want to see what you do with the nursery ;)

  9. Wow, just stunning. Love everything! Can you tell me, is your lounge white leather and where did you get it from?

  10. Hi Jane!

    Yes, our lounges are white leather chesterfield lounges... but unfortunately we had them custom made here in Kuala Lumpur!

    Sorry that is probably of not much good to you! x


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