Birds Of A Feather.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I was browsing through my miscellaneous files and stumbled
across this girly, pretty image found here. Although I am
not sure it is my exact style to have decorative birdcages
in our home, I have always loved the look of them!

Obviously traditionally used to house birds, I adore seeing them used
purely for decorative use (like the above Wisteria Cage)
either in homes, restaurants, for weddings or even fashion!

You may have seen this gorgeously stylish window display
earlier this year... by none other than Louis Vuitton!
(Image via: here)

What I wouldn't do to have the keys to this cage!

The above images reminded me of the amazingly beautiful hens day my darling best friends and bridesmaids organised for me last November. I know I shared pictures of the bits and pieces I help create for their hens days (yes, the beginning of this year was wedding crazy) which you can see here, here and here, but I never shared any pics of what they created for me!

For the first time I was forced to relinquish all organising responsibilities (a big deal for bossy boots me :P) and left everything in their more than capable hands! They selected the stunning Hotel Nest as the venue (located in Albert Park, Melbourne) which is adorned with hanging bird cages, cuckoo clocks and a greenery... Unfortunately their web page is under works so I was unable to download any pics. The girls than ran with the whole birds & nest theme in an afternoon 'high tea' style which kicked on into the evening. It all came together perfectly!

Here are the beautiful handmade invitations
made by my creative and crafty girls!

They spent hours cutting out each individual bird
and attaching the wording and divine little birdcages!

Not to mention their oh so cute and theme
appropriate poem on the back of the invite!

So pretty!

Tables were decorated with fresh flowers, feathers and birdcages!

And here's me, the very happy hen! I had such a wonderful
day drinking champagne, eating cupcakes, Persian
fairy floss, scones and delicious finger sandwiches with
all of my closest friends! Each guest was also treated
to a private reading with a clairvoyant... fun!

It's all so beautiful right?! Thanks again to my super giving besties for making my days so special! Gosh, last November I was celebrating my hens day and this November (almost a year to the date) we will be welcoming Baby Bouw... speaking of Baby Bouw, I am going for that sneaky second opinion scan this evening and am SO anxious and excited to finally confirm BB's sex. I'll be back tomorrow to let you know how it goes! x


  1. You look just beautiful!! I just gave a bird cage to my daughter, they can be so fun!!

    Come and enter my latest Giveaway!!

    Art by Karena

  2. hmmm. If its a girl, you could go all whimsical in the nursery design and utilise some of these gorgeous bird ideas?! I must admit I have birds everywhere in my home, I love them. Fern even has a painted tree mural on her wall, and a wooden bird house strung onto it! Gosh you were a v glam hen -- my only pics of me at mine are wearing a fruity green face mask and cucumbers on my eyes... then there's the one of me wearing indian get-up learning how to belly dance. Not pretty!!! x

  3. After seeing this I want a birdcage for my home now as a decor! Love your blog! bookmarking your blog now ;)


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