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Monday, August 30, 2010

How was your weekend? Well I know I certainly can't complain! After months and months (well, 7 months actually) and a not-so-nice experience with our freight company (who completely misquoted us and then proceeded to charge us almost double the amount... grrr), our wedding gifts finally arrived here in KL on Saturday... all the way from Sydney, Australia! The saying 'good things come to those who wait' certainly rang true :)

You can probably imagine my absolute excitement and eagerness to want to dive into these boxes BUT Mr B had a work conference on Friday night and half of Saturday and get this... he wasn't going to be home for another four whole hours!!! I was like a little child on Christmas morning... beside myself with anticipation at the thought of opening these boxes... the wait was killing me... so, I confess, like a naughty child on Christmas Eve, I had just a little sneak peek :P And then quickly got the guilts and realised that there was WAY to much fun to be had not to share it with my darling hubby! And boy did we have FUN!!!

One of the first boxes hubby handed me had inside not one
but TWO of our absolutely stunning Royal Albert Tea Sets
I am in LOVE! They were so gorgeously packaged and
the actual tea sets themselves are so darling that
even Mr B was swooning over them :)

And how appropriate that everything was 'Tied with a Bouw'! :)

Missoni towels =

A very happy Mrs Bouw!

Here is just a snap of a few of our glorious gifts...
there was, and still is, goodies scattered all
around the lounge and dining!

It looks more like a yard sale right?! Not that I
would ever give any of this away! AND the mess
was the furthest thing from my mind :)

Hubby and I feel so unbelievably spoilt and are just thrilled with everything! I will most probably share more pics of some of these amazing items with you over the weeks as I slowly find a place for each to live. But for now, I must be off, as I have a handy man coming today (providing he shows up!) to assist me with mounting the shelves in BB's nursery (as I need a special drill to get through the concrete walls)... YAY... I cannot wait to see the end result! I might even give you a sneak peek later this week :)

Have a great day my friends! :) x


  1. Oh my, that must have been SO much fun, especially after the long wait. I can see lots of things I love amongst your goodies. The tea sets are SO lovely and I adore your towels. I have a white teapot like your little turquoise one and I love it. Can't wait to see more of what arrived for you! x

  2. How exciting for you Sonja! It would've been such fun to go through all of your gifts and remember choosing those gorgeous things together. xx

  3. so many gorgeous things, it was definitely worth waiting!!

  4. Oh my...I'd be like a kid in a candy store with all that to explore as well :)
    It's all gorgeous Son! I can just imagine the fun you & Hubby had going through it all :)
    And that Royal Albert Tea Set is DIVINE!! I'm obsessed with tea sets lately & I'm jealous of your set you've got there LOL!
    Thanks for sharing your piccies!

  5. oh wow, you got some AMAZING wedding gifts!! Totally like Xmas morning! Loving those teacups and that gorgeous towel -- you have v generous friends and family! Can't believe how chic you still look at 7 months -- you totally put me to shame!! Enjoy the rest of your week xo

  6. wow! what fabulous guests to have given such fabulous gifts!

  7. Like Christmas alright...I was holding onto my seat with excitement just reading your post...Yippeee...oh what fun..and I would have been exactly the same and had a sneak

    You are glowing sweety...not long now...and you will be holding the more precious gift ever x

  8. Where were you registered? I just got engaged & I have no idea where to register (I was thinking David Jones & Freedom Furniture) I love, love, love those towels

  9. Thanks ladies... we were very spoilt indeed! x

    Shannon- we used The Wedding List Co. who have so many fab features but there are a few things you should probably be aware of before deciding. If you would like more info let me know and I'll email you :)


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