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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Most of you probably know that I love being in the kitchen. There is just something about cooking and baking that brings me much joy. It's probably a combination of my adoration of food, the pleasure it gives me to create a dish and the pleasure it gives me and others to eat it! Food glorious food!

Since hubby and I moved overseas, we don't do anywhere near as much entertaining as we used to which I really miss. BUT we are about to be hit with numerous visitors over the next month or so which has motivated me to dust off my cook books and look for some inspiration! I can't say I ever really 'follow' a recipe (my taste buds usually find something missing) but I do love looking through beautiful cookbooks for ideas that I can use as a base and then transform into my own.

One of my favourite cookbook authors is fellow Aussie, Donna Hay. Her recipes are SO easy to follow, focus on basic but yummy ingredients and are always so beautifully styled and photographed... being able to visualise the end result is always a big help to us wannabe chefs.

Roasted garlic and vegetable fold overs.

BUT probably one of my favourite things about Donna's books and superb website is that they also include so many wonderful style ideas for table settings, seasonal menus and even menus for specific occasions! Most of which you can create yourself with bits and pieces you most likely already have in your kitchen!

Hand drawn placemats.

Individual picnic pails.

Flavoured water.

Prettied up soda bottles.

Rose teacups.

Along with her website (which you should add to your 'favourites' toolbar if your haven't already), a MUST have for your cookbook collection is Donna Hay's 'Instant Entertaining'. I cannot tell you how many times I have referred to this book and even just enjoyed looking at the gorgeous images... a bible for any of you who love entertaining! And with the festive season just around the corner, what better time to pop on your apron, pull out your cook books and start working on a masterpiece of a menu! Happy cooking! x


  1. I too LOVE Donna Hay - as you say her recipes are always simple and easy to follow and focus on delicious ingredients. I've found her website inspiring too and always love flicking through her cookbooks looking at all the gorgeous styling. I don't have 'Instant Entertaining' though so may have to get that one :)

  2. OMG! Double chocolate mousse!! Now I definitely have to get her cookbook to try that one! I'm just such a sucker for sweets! :)

  3. Hi ladies :)

    Whilst I definitely recommend Donna's cookbooks, Nattie, you will find most of Donna's recipes on her website! I know that's where I found the one for her double choc mousse! :) x


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