Letter's to BB... With a Twist: Entry #4

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello my gorgeous one!

Well do I have a story for you my darling!

Yesterday morning, after saying farewell to relatives we had stay for the last four days, your Dad and I headed off to our monthly doctor’s appointment with our usual excitement AND a few extra nerves. Not only were we having our usual catch up with my OB but that was being followed by a separate appointment with a specialist to do your detailed scan. It was just so wonderful to see you in so much extra detail although quite intense watching the specialist inspect every part of you looking for abnormalities... thank goodness your final report came back perfect... what more could we hope for than a healthy bubba! A HUGE sigh of relief indeed!

Five perfect little toes on each tootsie :)

So, Daddy and I were hoping to come away from yesterday’s appointments with the news that you were perfectly fine... which we did and again thank goodness... BUT with me being almost six months pregnant, we did NOT expect to come away with the news that you my little one are NOT the sex we had been told! Ahhhh! You cheeky little thing!

You will come to learn that your Mummy is a woman who HAS to know everything and can, at times, be slightly sceptical. Even after learning your sex, and even after purchasing various bits of clothing and toys for you, I still questioned (ok ok absolutely drilled) my OB in the couple of appointments that followed. Was it a mother’s instinct? Me being sceptical? Or was it paranoia that I was going to spend hundreds of dollars on items for the wrong sex? All of the above me thinks.

When the specialist revealed your true gender it was such a surreal feeling... I admit I shed a few tears. Tears of excitement because it felt like (well, actually we were) finding out all over again... also tears of sadness because I felt, in a way, we had lost this little bubba and person we have been picturing for weeks now. But most importantly, tears of love. Because there is nothing in this world as big as the instant love that is born the moment you find out who the little person inside you is! And we have so much of that love for you BB. We are SO THRILLED with the new news although it was a big BUT amazingly wonderful shock to the system! After all, we had pretty much picked out your name, I had planned (but not yet purchased... phew) the decor for your nursery and even had a gorgeous little outfit laid out in your cot! But you tricked us my cheeky little BB :) I feel so blessed to now be picturing meeting a different you. To envisage what you will look like. Dream about spending my days with you. To imagine how you will change our lives. Not to mention I will now have had the pleasure of shopping for both genders :P

So my precious, there we have it! A story we will never forget :)

Mumma B @ 5 and 3/4 months pregnant!

I cannot believe in just over a week we will be six months pregnant! I am feeling great, loving your now VERY constant kicking although I am not loving the kilos that suddenly seem to be piling on! It is amazing looking at the 'belly photos' we have taken so far and I know we both still have SO much growing to do! I have my work cut out for me now, having to start from scratch with baby names, shopping for your clothes (pssst... I am secretly loving this excuse to shop :P) and re-thinking the nursery. It really must have been mother’s instinct because I hadn’t bought too much now that I think about it.

Again, at 5 and 3/4 months pregnant!

And again.

Anyway my darling, I plan to dedicate the next few days purely to daydreaming about the new YOU! Keep those kicks coming and as always, I cannot wait to see you in another month’s time :)

I love you so very very much,

Mummy xoxo


  1. congrats again ..now i'm curious cant wait to find out what and you are having...so exciting and you look amazing!! ..all the best sweetie ...enjoy your shopping spree once again :) xx

  2. You look gorgeous! Glowing! What a surprise to have! Luckily you hadn't bought everything in a specific colour yet. I'm saying a boy :) xx

  3. what a lovely little story....and alot of mixed emotions to have to deal with ..with such news..wow!
    How could they get it wrong..jeez! Amazing how your gut tells you different. I always felt and knew I was having a boy...from day one...so bizarre..and when it finally came time to finding out...they asked if I wanted to guess..and of course I say..boy...and they were like..yup..your right! Now looking at those little tootsies in the ultrasound pic..I would have to guess you are having a boy too? Could be wrong..but thats my gut..lol

    You are glowing and look beautiful and healthy sweety...enjoy shopping for new things now...Im sure the nursery is going to look just super xo

  4. Oh my goodness - what a surprise that must have been!!! Glad all was otherwise well with your scan. You look like a real glowing mummy and have such a gorgeous 'pregnant figure' :)

  5. Wow, you look gorgeous! I'm so hanging out to see what your nursery looks like - only another 3 or so months to go.... :)


  6. SON!!!!!
    Oh my. That is the mind f*** to end them all.
    But what a great story it makes (and will make for the little one, one day!).
    Ahhhh so exciting. Keep well, gorgeous.

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  8. Thanks my gorgeous girls! And yes, it was such a surprise indeed! I was still so paranoid yesterday that I called the hospital to speak to my OB to ask her again how acurate the detailed scans are... she was very apologetic and said that the equipment used in the detailed scan is much more advanced and clear than the standard ultrasound machine so if the specialist was 100% sure than yes, that is what we are having! :) It's starting to sink in now... with the help of some online purchases of course :P xoxo

  9. What a great suprise...I am so glad to see you are enjoying your preganncy....the 1st pregnancy is so, so special...you never get to be pregnant for the 1st time again and it is just a joy. Thos kilos are just a great way of making your baby the healthiest and happiest it could be and don't worry if you are planning on breastfeeding they will drop off, no problems.....Have a great day.


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