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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How's your week going? I have been busy busy shopping, cleaning and preparing our place for our next lot of guests... my inlaws... who arrive for their first visit to our new home in KL this Friday morning! This is a good thing my friends because lucky for me, I get along famously with them both :) It is also Mr B's birthday this Sunday so I have had fun this week buying and organising bits and pieces for his special day! As for today, I have the handyman returning in a few hours to help me finish off quite a few things around our apartment... including the shelving in BB's nursery... JOY!

Today I though I would share with you the work of Danny Roberts, a young and talented fashion artist based out of California. I came across Danny's work some time ago but was reminded of it whilst trawling through my computer archives. I remember being so impressed with his creativity and his ability to sketch such eye catching pieces. Even though his work is predominantly based on fashion, I think some of his artwork could easily fall into other categories of art, such as the following two...

I particularly like this piece...

And this one, titled Masked love.

Danny has also been lucky enough to collaborate with many fashion designers and artists including Lancome, Forever 21 and Gwen Stefani...

Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Tote Bag by Danny Roberts.

But most of the time Danny's work is created purely out of his love of fashion and drawing. You can view (and buy) many of his 'Art Series' either via his blog 'Ivor + Andre' or his Etsy Store of the same name.

A sketch of the Alexa Chung on the cover of Vogue.

And I love this one of 'The Chanel Girls in Glasses'!

Although I must say, one of my favourite of his art series is the 'Blogger Portrait Series'! "When I first started my blog, I began exploring other blogger sites.There were so many blogs that have inspired me. I then decided that I wanted to give back to those who have inspired me by drawing a picture of the blogger from their site". Below are a few examples of portraits he has sketched for various bloggers... wouldn't you just love to have one of these done for yourself... I know I would!

Pretty great hey!

Happy hump day :) x


  1. Hi gorgeous,
    Oooh I love the 'masked love' piece & 'the chanel girls in glasses'!!
    I too get on fantastically with my parent-in-laws...which makes life so much easier & lovely! Speaking of mother-in-law is an artist {painter} and interior decorator. She has created some really amazing pieces lately & has this gorgeous series called "Fat Bottom Girls"....the chanel girls picture above reminded me a little of it....I will blog about her work soon....but I will email you some piccies too :) They're cute!
    Have a fantastic weekend ;o)


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