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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy hump day everyone!

Again, I'm just popping in quickly to show you what I picked up yesterday for the DIY project I mentioned earlier this week...

Two and a half deliciously fabulous metres of textured animal print adhesive paper! Stay tuned to find out where it will be living! Have a gorgeous day! x


  1. what a cute blog you following...please stop by and check me out too..


  2. Hi there again,

    OMG, you are making me so anxious now..been tuning in since 29th Sept. Cant wait to see what you intend to do with the DIY project sneak peek. But then again, being just 50 days away from meeting BB, i suppose you would be needing a lot of rest. Adios then ... good luck. I love your Etsy cushions. They are so adorable.

  3. Oooh I'm sorry to have you in such suspense Sarah... now I am afraid I will disappoint you as I don't think it's anything THAT exciting :/

    I took some pics this afternoon of my finished little DIY and plan to post tomorrow... hope to see you back here then :) x

    P.S Thanks for your gorgeous wishes re: BB... only 45 days now... SO excited! :)


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