Operation Apartment: Rug Update!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You may remember this post from last month where I was contemplating this Ikea Stockolm Rand Rug (that you have all seen featured in many homes) for our living room.

Well I can report that I did go to Ikea shortly after my post and boy was I disappointed with the rug in the flesh. The 'white' stripes were NOT white at all but rather a dirty cream colour and I also really disliked the texture which felt cheap and rough. I decided immediately that this was not the rug for us and the search continued... but with no further luck over the last 6 weeks, hubby and I headed back to Ikea last week (there aren't too many options here in KL) in hope to find something from the new 2011 collection. With a large space to work with it was difficult to find one large enough BUT here is what we came home with...

I know it is on the opposite spectrum to a 'statement rug' but we decided that something inconspicuous was the way to go for the time being... this 200 x 300 low pile Ikea Adum Rug is nice and plush (just what we wanted with Baby Bouw on the way) and is almost the same colour as the tiles which turned out to be a great thing as it blends in nicely whilst adding that little bit of texture the area was lacking.

So, what do you think? Will it do the trick until we find 'The one'? x


  1. I LOVE IT!
    And boy does your living area look amazing - so serene! which might be handy with a baby o the way ;) AND you have saved me a trip to ikea cause i was considering the stripe for our place too!

  2. absolutely gorgeous!! um.... but are you just a tiny touch nervous about your white leather couches with the new baby coming???

  3. Great choice! Ikea rugs are generally so cheap but this one looks elite and totally great at your place. Btw, love your living room!! It gets too much light too

  4. I think so...I love that it's from IKEA too...looks perfect. Oh and i love your chesterfields, where from?


  5. Thanks so much ladies! I can't tell you what a difference it has actually made to the room! x

    Nicole- I am more concerned about adults to be honest as my babies won't make mess :P (so I keep telling myself tee hee)! We have had them for almost 6 months now and usually keep white throws tucked over them which we take off when we have visitors.

    Jen- We had them custom made here in Malaysia... we are happy with them whilst we are still 'apartment living' although we will probably sell them before our next house as knowing me I will want a different style by then :)

  6. I really like it! Sometimes layered neutrals make a bigger statement than a "statement" rug! Congrats on the little one. I wish you the best of luck!

    I'm loving your blog!

  7. Hi there,

    I stumble upon your blog while I was considering a trip to Golden Palm Resort. But surprise surprise.. I found a lovely home ! I must say your living area is one of my favourites... its absolutely lovely. I am staying in KL too. Would love to continue reading once your baby comes along. Good luck and congratulations

  8. I love your coffee tables, where are they from?

  9. Lovely Desires (sorry, I couldn't find your name listed on you blog)... would you believe the coffee table are also from Ikea! We struggled to find anything here in KL that would fill the space so opted for two of these instead. They are only $US60 each... here's the link for you :) x


  10. Oh you're so wonderful....thank you so much. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog thru Made By Girl...made my day!

  11. OMG I love those pillows!! Where are they from?!

  12. Hi Jill!

    I purchased all of the pillows from Etsy. They are all beautiful quality and I am extremely happy with all of them! See this previous post for all the shop details :) x


  13. Hi Sarah! Thanks for your congrats and lovely comments :) x

    Oh dear re: finding me when considering the Golden Palm Tree... although a positive did come from my not-so-good review when the owner called my hubby to have a chat about all of the things they can improve on! A step in the right direction hopefully!

  14. Absolutely amazing! You have made so clean and lovely your room through wool rugs. I love it too.


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