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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yes I know, I have been absent from my little blog space for 2 weeks now but I have had a fun and busy two weeks spending time with Mr Bouw (who took some annual leave YAY) as well as his parents (my in laws!) who left yesterday after a 12 day stay. This was their first visit to KL since we relocated from Dubai in January this year and it was nice to spend some quality time with them and for them to have a taste of our life here in Malaysia.

I thought I'd share a few pics of what we got up to!

Both Grandma & Puppa Bouw are super excited about BB's arrival
so I organised for them to come along to my last scan which
was on the day they arrive. They LOVED being able to see BB
and hear the heartbeat as well as meet my Doc. For them,
this was a wonderful start to their holiday! :)

We celebrated both Father's Day and my darling husband's
birthday on Sunday 5th September!

Me and Dadda Bouw (on his birthday/Father's Day)
with our Baby Bouw bump at 7 months along!

The 5 of us indulged in a 'free flow' champagne brunch
(minus the champagne for BB and I) where we ate
and drunk ourselves sick... in a good way of course :P

On the Monday we made the trip back to Pangkor Island Beach Resort
(this is where hubby took me for my birthday back in May)...

Where we spent 4 days relaxing by the beach and pool...

Soaking up the sun...

Enjoying the beautiful sunsets...

Some water sports (father and son clearly enjoying themselves)!

A round or two of friendly, family archery which was SO much fun!
(The Bouw's with their bows)!

My mother-in-law and I.

Look out! Pregnant woman with a bow and arrow!

We did attempt to do some sight seeing in the local towns...

Although we didn't really like what we saw... check out the
roadside butcher... umm, not exactly hygienic!

And lastly, we enjoyed showing them around the city of KL.
We took them to the upmarket shopping malls as well as
the China Town Markets where they shopped up a storm
and absolutely LOVED the bargaining!

So there you have it, that's what I have been up to for the last fortnight! This week I look forward to catching up on all my blog reading as well as enjoying a public holiday here in KL tomorrow which means hubby gets another day off JOY! But for now I must run as I am off to get rooted... my hair roots that is :P

I'll be back tomorrow with a well-over-due 'Letter's to BB' entry!

Have a beautiful day :) x


  1. Beaches in Asia look so different from those in the Caribbean!

  2. Son you look so well. Divine!
    Good to see you're looking after yourself and getting in plenty of R n' R.
    I've enjoyed a little catch up of TWAB after a too-long absence.
    Take care - not long to go (bet you're sick of hearing that!!).

  3. Great holiday and what a nice moment for you and the inlaws...really thoughtful. I love the pic of you doing archery. Your little one will love that when they are older...very cute.

  4. Welcome back to the bloggy world! We missed you :)
    I love all your piccies! You are such a beautiful pregnant look stunning in every shot Son!
    Sounds like you've had an amazing few weeks!

  5. I found your blog via Made by Girl today. Such a cute blog and it never comes in my mind that you live here in KL. Amazingly, we had the same lovely doctor to experience our first childbirth experience. Congrats on your lovely baby. She's too adorable. I think she's a supermodel at her age. :)


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