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Monday, September 27, 2010

Hi there! How was your weekend?! Mr B and I enjoyed a yummy Saturday lunch at home (Aussie pies with tomato sauce (of course) and a side of roasted pumpkin and potato) whilst watching the 2010 AFL Grand Final... which I still can't believe was a draw! Sunday we did a spot of shopping, went to see a movie Gold Class style and picked up some bits and pieces for our guests who arrived this afternoon!

Our lunch prior to going into the oven!

I just wanted to pop in to say a quick hello whilst our friends and their 3 beautiful boys have popped out to grab an early dinner for the kids so us big kids can play once they go to bed! With a house full of guests I am also unsure how much time I will have to blog this week so thought I'd quickly stick my head in :) I know I have been a little slack on the blog front of late especially my 'Baking with Mrs Bouw' posts but I promise that after this week, we have nothing else planned (and no more guests) until of course, the arrival of our precious BB!

I admit I haven't been baking as regularly as I usually do, although I did bake a batch of my lemon curd cupcakes yesterday as they are a favourite of our visitors and I swear, hubby would marry one if I wasn't already his wife! Here's the recipe I posted back in March for anyone who hasn't already tried these little pieces of heaven!

And it was also a good excuse to use our gorgeous new cake stand (that was a part of our wedding gifts) for the first time!

Hopefully I'll be back in the next day or so to share with you a DIY I have been meaning to tick off my list for quite some time! I hope you've had a brilliant start to the week! x


  1. The lemon curd cupcakes look delicious (my baby girl is turning one in a week, so I amy have to try them out :-)
    I also wrote to you last week asking for a little help/advice...I am not sure if it came through - with me being new to this blogging. And for such an unusal request by me. You probably thought it irritating, but I hopeyou thought it flattering :-) Anyway sorry to ask again(it was just that on another website an Australian lady was offering to help out with colour schemes etc) I thought perhaps you could/would like to too :-)
    Instead of a personal one for me perhaps you could piece together a few loungeroom ideas within colour schemes on your blog? What to buy - what goes with what. Like your poufs etc. I love love love ALL WHITE - but as I said being here in a rental the colours are chosen. Coffee brown and beige! and I'd like to add accents of duck egg blue and white. Do you think you could help? If not, not to worry....but I just admire your home sooooo much.
    Many kind regards,
    Doha, Qatar.

  2. Have a great week with your friends! It is FINALLY lovely weather here in Sydney so I am fancying a trip to the nursery - something about Spring makes me all green-thumby and motivated, I need some potted colour about the place! Did you decide on a nappy bag?

  3. Hello lovely! Wonderful re: the weather... it's amazing how it can really lift your mood! Enjoy the nursery... how I miss having a garden. As for the nappy bag, not quite... there was a Oi Oi bag that I really fancied although the shipping costs were beyond a joke (half the price of the actual bag)... will let you know once I have purchased one :) I hope you and your little ones are well! x

  4. Hi Sonja..Can you tell me which camera you have? Your pics are so crispy clear and wonderful!

  5. Hi Erika!

    Hubby bought me a new SLR for my birthday... it is the Canon 1000D! We are very happy with the purchase, it is easy to use and the manual is also pretty straight forward to follow to teach yourself all the basic features for taking great photos! I hope this helps :) x


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