Australian Designer of the Year: Congratulations Zuster!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back in April I did a feature on Australian contemporary furniture designer, Zuster. Well, this week Zuster were named 'Australian Designer of the Year' at the 2010 Home Beautiful product of the year awards as well as 'runner up' in the 'outdoor living' category! A HUGE congratulations to the girls at Zuster (especially my super talented Managing Director sister-in-law, Fleur) on their amazing achievement. I am so very happy to see them getting the recognition they deserve for providing Australians with such brilliant designs and high quality products!

To read the full article and to check out Zuster's amazing range of furniture and homewares you can visit their website here!

Happy hump day everyone! x


  1. Never heard of them but will check them out!
    P.S: I'm having a cool blogger T giveaway, I hope you can join! :)

  2. Hey Son, I saw those stools on one of our morning news programs here and had stored them in my memory bank for the future, I loved them.
    Congratulations to your sister in law. Thats too cool.
    I love your cabinet Btw.

  3. Ooooo looks like some great stuff!


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