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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TO SHOP! I know this might sound insane coming from someone who has spent the last few months filling virtual shopping carts with goodies for our home and our precious Baby Bouw... but would you believe, Mumma Bouw has hardly bought anything for herself in the last 8 months! Truth be told, I just could not bring myself to buy maternity wear, so besides a bunch of maternity bras, I have only bought a few 'oversized' items here and there that I can potentially wear once I lose this baby weight.

And I think now that I have purchased everything we need for BB, paired with the fact that I am 8 1/2 months pregnant, I am seriously yearning to buy myself some new threads and to have my pre-pregnancy body back!

Sooo, last night I was browsing various online stores (even though I don't typically buy clothes for myself online) and ended up in the 'sale' section of the fabulous ASOS online store. I found myself shopping for dresses (that I can no way fit into at the moment) for no particular occasion. AND I stumbled on this...

I'm not even sure I would usually wear something this 'blingy' and have no idea where I would wear it... and who knows how long it will take me to lose the kgs to squeeze into this little number. BUT... I have the itch to shop... AND I have the itch to feel sexy again in my own 'now a little more stretched' skin... SO should I take the plunge and just buy it? Do you really think I can rock this look? Um, did I mention it is on sale for £46 (Less than $75.00 Aussie dollars)!!! 'Do it, do it' whisper the voices in my head...

If not, at least my wrists and face haven't really gained weight so there is always the fall back option of a new watch or perhaps some sunglasses...

I was slightly tickled by this Michael Kors Watch.

This Marc Jacobs one.

And these Marc Jacobs shades (only US$95)...
all three items from Shop Bop!

Ahh, the joys (and temptations) of online shopping! I will let you know if I make any of the above purchases!

Have a great day! x


  1. get the dress - you will totally rock that look! you will look like a mini dressed mermaid!Oh & i am SO in need of that michael korrs watch!!!! my fav colour! where do i obtain one of these?! I never wear a watch...but id wear that one!

  2. Do it! Do it! (I feel your pain - with no post here in Qatar, my internet baskets are non exsistant)
    I think you could easily pull the dress off. My theory - always buy what you LOVE! You'll regret it if you dont :-)

  3. You should definitely treat yourself to something special!! That dress would look amazing on you and I totally understand the feeling of wanting some new 'non-pregnant' clothes :)

  4. Do it!!!! It's a lovely dress :) plus something for YOU!

  5. I hear ya sista... but will you actually WEAR it? Oh, who cares. It'll look pretty on the hanger, regardless! Its so nice to buy something pretty after you have the babe, but be prepared to be a really weird size for a while - not preggers anymore but not quite your usual size either! Im still finding my way 9 weeks after having Elliott and trying not to buy TOO much bc I remember everything I bought those first couple of months after having Fern became way way too big. Hasnt stopped me from buying 4 new dresses in the last 2 weeks though!!! Have you picked a name yet??

  6. Yes ASOS is totally different kind of online shopping store and main thing is that various accessories available at ASOS store are inexpensive to buy.
    In pictures Marc Jacobs watch is looking beautiful.

  7. Go for it Son....BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT :)
    After Bub is born, you will crave to feel sexy & pretty & blingy :) Even if it means Hubby comes home from work one Friday evening to find you & Bub all dressed up {you in this sexy Mumma dress of course!}, a candlelit dinner on the table, candles, music :) Date night at home with Bub snoozing in the background is the perfect fun...trust me I know :) It keeps things fun & sexy & interesting...and you get to wear the dress :)

  8. I've seen the same MJ watch in the store the other day and i was like Omg! Awesome! You're only 20 days to go btw! Cant wait to see the nursey room! It should be ready by now:))


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