Letter's to BB: Entry #6

Monday, October 4, 2010

To my sweet baby,

Well, there are only 47 days until your due date... yes, that’s right, only 47 days! But who’s counting :) Something inside me has changed since my last entry only a few weeks ago. Any feelings of angst, nervousness or fear (including those stupid dreams) that I was experiencing seem to have simply disappeared. It is quite strange really. I thought the closer we got to your due date the more these feelings would grow, but after voicing my concerns to your Dad, the Doc and various friends, I am now feeling the complete opposite... I am so content, calm, organised and super relaxed about everything. And it is so reassuring to think that I must be doing something right! I now feel, more than ever, that I am ready, willing and able to be a great Mum. Your Mum.

Mumma B @ the beginning of week 34...
taken 50 days before due date!

Last Friday afternoon your Dad and I headed to what has become the highlight of each month... our appointment with the Doc where we of course get to see you! Although the Doc expected me to be much bigger than last month and to have gained a little more weight (I can assure you I am and I have!) I am happy to report that you my baby, are tracking just perfectly! Your weight and measurements were almost to the tee for a bubba in its 34th week. YAY! This is always such a relief to hear. You continue to be a cheeky little bubba as once again, you weren’t all that cooperative when it came to us trying to get a clear picture of you! With parents like us, I know this cannot be shyness!

The best shot (4D) we could get of your chubby little face...
you funny little thing you! x

So with the countdown well and truly on, and with your Mummy feeling relaxed and organised, our BB ‘to do list’ seems far less daunting. I still have a few bits and pieces to purchase (but nothing that will warrant losing sleeping over) as well as finishing your nursery! I received a few more online purchases last week and once again I am so thrilled with my selection and the quality of the products in the flesh :) I cannot wait to do a big reveal... once your gender is revealed of course :P

Again, Mumma B with only 50 days until due date!!!

I can’t quite put into words the excitement that is building inside me. And without sounding too soppy (or like an over-emotional pregnant woman) I really want you to know that you are already the most wondrous thing that has ever happened in both mine and your Dad’s life. You have already filled me with so much pride and I don’t think anything is going to prepare me for how much I am going to be in awe of you. I simply cannot wait to marvel at the splendour that is you my darling.

I love you...

Mummy xoxo


  1. Oh how exciting, I love the sincerity of this post!! I'm soo excited for you too! I can't wait for my turn! :) Hazel

  2. yayee!! you look gloriously preggers, my love - - enjoy these last few weeks! Cant wait to find out what you're having!

  3. Ah... so cute! What a lovely post! I keep my fingers crossed for you and looking forward to meet the new addition to your family! :D



  4. This post was really sweet. I just came across your blog and love it!

  5. aww! this post is so cute! You guys still do not know the gender? Omg, can't wait to find out:)


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