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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last week I gave you a sneak peak of some textured, animal print adhesive paper I had just purchased for a little DIY project I had been meaning to tackle for a while! Well today I thought I would share the finished product!

You might recall that WAY back in March I posted about this Ikea Norrsten Cabinet. I had had my eye on it for a little while as I thought it would be the perfect home for the x2 Royal Albert Tea Sets we received as wedding gifts. But it was only after seeing an image of one that had been revamped with gorgeous, delicate, gold Missoni paper (below), that my mind was made up for me!

Ikea Norrsten Cabinet lined with Missoni Paper!

After admiring the bold use of use of animal print in many homes, I must admit I have never had enough courage to use it (besides one large faux fur cushion) in our home. So I thought a few baby steps might be a safer option and instead decided to use it to line the inside of our cabinet. I know it is only in view once the cabinet is open but it is taking me a while to get use to it and I am still undecided as to whether I like it...

My take on the paper-lined cabinet.

The new home to our gorgeous tea sets!

There is also a handy draw on each side which is
perfect for your 'good' cutlery.

I had a roll of Laura Ashley wallpaper that
I picked up for a bargain earlier this year
which I used to line the draws.

There you have it. Again, I am looking to you my friends for feedback as I really can't decide whether it is fun and fresh or bordering on trashy... I'd really love to hear what you think! x


  1. love love LOVE it!!!!
    you know what i reckon is the best bit - its the unexpectedness of it! Its kind of cheeky in a way! Your whole place is all white & then you open the cupboard & pow! hehe
    AND i love those candelabras - i just bought them for a freind for an engagment pressie! Wouldnt mind some myself!

  2. It doesn't look trashy in the slightest, imho.

  3. Hi Sonja
    I Love it! I think its actually the complete opposite of trashy- this might sound weird but it reminds me of when a woman wears a beautiful,elegant,simple dress and underneath she has fun ( and a bit wild) lingerie on! Its like your cheeky little secret! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh what a great idea!
    I never even thought to spice up the cabinet by putting wallpaper on the inside of the doors.
    <3 Nicole Lisa

  5. It obviously wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea (sorry, couldn't help myself), but I think i't suits you to a tee ;o)

  6. I think it's lovely!!! Very bold, but not too 'in your face'. Plus I love the Laura Ashley wallpaper, so so pretty!

  7. Not trashy at all sweety..its fun and a little funky..I love it..its a great contrast to the pastel colours you have happening...perfect combo. Love the Laura Ashley wallpaper too...gorgeous. Looks fab have done an awesome job xo

  8. Looks great. It is unexpected, but a pleasant surprise!

  9. Oh, it looks so great! Don't change it!
    It's these little hidden touches that (I believe) truly add style and sass to your home! Love it!

  10. It is gorgeous! And I like that you are incorporating the prints slowly into your decor to make sure that you like them before taking the plunge. Slowly but surely does it! Kellie xx

  11. looks amazing! i love it! i was hoping you could tell me where you got hold of the zebra paper? love your blog!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Thanks gorgeous girls! I appreciate your fresh sets of eyes! x

    Olivia, I particularly liked your analogy of it :P

    Anonymous, I stumbled across the paper in a little store here in KL... I think they import it from Korea so I'm not sure that is much help :/

  14. God you're good Son...I would never even think to use paper for that!! It looks amazing! What a difference it makes to the whole look & feel of the cabinet!

  15. i think it's great! i'd been looking at doing something similar myself.


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