Letter's to BB: Entry #7

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To my beatutiful Baby Bouw,

Wow... only 17 days until your due date!!! Did I say WOW already?! Your Dad and I are beyond excited that we will be meeting you so very soon. We paid the Doc a visit last Friday afternoon and I must say, it was one of the most exciting visits so far! Besides the usual joys of getting to see you, learning how much you have grown, hearing your little heart pumping away and getting a few pics to take home, it felt realer than real this time. I suppose knowing that you could surprise us any day now and that that was possibly our last official/scheduled appointment, took the whole experience to another level! As always, we were so relieved to hear that your growth is tracking just perfectly and despite Mummy’s concerns that you my little wriggle bum had been doing somersaults in my tummy, I was also relieved to know, that with your head down the right end, you are still in a reasonably good position ready for delivery! After our examination we moved on to discuss in more detail, the labour and delivery. Daddy’s biggest relief came when we were discussing pain relief for me (you know, the one giving birth) and the Doc confirmed she would also be able to give him ‘something’ to help calm his nerves... I’ll give him nerve :P No, in all honesty this did ease my mind as we have both been a little worried about how your poor, very squeamish Dad is going to cope with, well, the whole ‘ordeal’... hopefully nothing a bit of happy gas won’t fix! :P

The clearest 4D shot we could get of you my cheeky one!

I think we are all set for your arrival my darling and I am also sure your Dad thinks I am completely insane... the countless packages that have arrived over the last two months filled with goodies just for you have sent his mind into a spin as to how on earth anyone (and he means ANYONE) can need so much ‘stuff’... well, I like to be prepared and even if I have gone a touch overboard, at least I still have my piece of mind :P Oh, and I did receive one package last week that was something for me too... I am loving my/our ridiculously oversized Timi & Leslie nappy/baby bag! Hey, if I am going to have to share a bag with you it needed to be BIG enough to house both of our ‘stuff’! But I think I have put the credit card(s) away for the time being... did you hear that Daddy Bouw :)

Here's me with our new Timi & Leslie
nappy/baby bag... in our 38th week!

Another highlight for me over the last few weeks has been washing all of your clothes! The heavenly smell of the baby detergent combined with the image of your delicate little items hanging on the line melted my heart. I have banked that memory now as I have been warned that soon washing baby clothes will not be a joy but more so a cringe-worthy chore! I hope that’s not the case. Maybe I shouldn’t mention that I even enjoyed ironing every last item :P Oh, and I am also guilty of sneaking into your nursery and applying a small amount of your baby moisturiser... honestly, is there anything better than that divine ‘baby smell’. I am longing for those precious moments after you arrive when the nurses will place you on my chest and I get to breathe in all that is you... oh dear, now Mummy is tearing up daydreaming about that magical moment. Soon enough my baby, soon enough.

Mumma B @ the beginning of week 38!

So, today is the 3rd November. We have another appointment next Friday the 12th. Throughout the first half of our pregnancy I had such a strong feeling that you would make your grand entrance a little early on either the 11th or 12th of November... up until I had an extremely vivid dream that you were born on the 13th. I cannot wait to see if what my gut (yes that’s you) told me is correct. But there is no rush my gorgeous, because despite being in our 38th week, I am still feeling pretty great, very mobile and am even still at the gym. So I am happy for you to decide when the time is right! Although ask me again at the end of next week because now that I think about it, I have begun ‘rolling’ out of bed, I have developed a slight waddling AND I have absolutely nothing to wear!

After refusing to buy any maternity clothes,
dressing myself seems to be a little bit of a stretch :P

Ah, there we go... again, @ the beginning of week 38!

This may very well be my last entry but I guess that is something you will decide my baby. I love you so very much... and I don’t think anything can prepare me for how that love will multiply by a gazillion x infinity as soon as I set eyes on you... but I really and truly can’t wait to find out!

All my love,

Mummy x


  1. Oooooooooooohhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
    The end is nigh!
    The beginning is nigh!

  2. WOWOWOW soon...you always look so great - and it looks like you didnt gain a bit of weight..! :)))



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