O Christmas tree..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hi there! And before you ask, nope, BB hasn't decided to join the party just yet!

Fact- I LOVE Christmas. Always have. Always will. It is my absolute favourite time of the year. I just adore everything about the festive season but I especially love the smell of real Christmas trees and have never been able to bring myself to purchase a fake one even though some of them are equally as beautiful. Hubby, Baby Bouw and I will be spending our Christmas back in Australia and given that we will be busy busy in the lead up being brand new parents, paired with the fact that I am not even sure if they have real Chrissy trees here in Malaysia, I am thinking I might have to be a little more creative this year...

I have seen the above idea used many times and if done
correctly can look really beautiful and so effective!
Have any of you ever tried it?!

I also stumbled across the above image...
how adorable is this baby blue 'post-it' tree!

I would love to hear of any alternative ways of creating a fuss free, mess free Christmas tree! P.S only 38 days until Santa comes... YAY! Have a great day! x


  1. love the post it tree....what a great idea.


  2. I love Christmas too Son, and I love the branches in the first picture. Your Christmas will be extra special this year with your new bub, you must be so excited! xx

  3. I'd been wondering how things were going on the baby front :) I tried something similar to the first image a few years back as a table centrepiece (only on a smaller scale) which looked cute. I like the post it idea x

  4. I love those branches and have been trying to spy some but they are not easy to come across...is it wrong that I have been eyeing off the neighbours trees.....Just kidding.
    Come on BB, we are all waiting to find out.x

  5. I love these alternative ideas, Id love to do something different this year


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